I got the Born pretty Stamping Nail Art plate for FREE….Thanks Wise She:)


By Rekha,

Hi ,

A month back I got to know  about the Born Pretty Store through Wise She  and after few days Anamika announced of Born pretty free giveaway offer  of Stamping Nail Art.

I used the coupon code provided and got my Hello Kitty Nail Art Stamping Plate for Freeeee!!!! :highfive: :highfive:

Born Pretty Stamping Nail Art

There was no damage and it was nicely packed.

Stamping nail art

Though I don’t know how to use this plate but will try learning it 🙂

I thank WiseShe for getting most of the gals this beautiful gift. :-* :-* :-*

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  1. Yeah, even I got it yesterday 🙂
    Thanks to anamika… Could u please make a post on how to use it ? I tried yesterday following youtube videos, but wasn’t proper!

  2. sadly I didn’t apply for the giveaway Sneha ..:( I thought instead of me some one else will get the benefit from wise she ..so i don’t have any to show you..

    but it is quiet easy i thin u will need little practice..you can read some foreign nail art blogs for it..

    as i have not seen any Indian blogger doing it.

  3. i got that too last week. but i guess it cant be used without the special nail paint and a stamp required to do the nail art, i’ve checked out the video on its usage but for that you’ll need a nail paint (thick one than our normal nail paints) and a stamping pad.
    i hope i find them soon and the use this beautiful thing… :fingersxd: :fingersxd:


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