I Love Strawberries and Cream Bath & Shower Creme Review


I Love… Strawberries and Cream Bath & Shower Creme

Looks like I have become a body wash junkie, freak, fan, whatever you call it. Girls can never stay away from fruity and flowery stuffs, that is a girly thing you see by default in them.

Here is a bath crème full of fruit extracts.


ILove Strawberries Cream Bath


  • Price: £2.99 for 500 ml in UK. That is really a budget product. You can find it in India at fabbag.com. They are priced at Rs.250 for 100 ml.You can buy from Amazon also  here

And a 500 ml bottle is charged Rs.797 Shocking!!!! Nice loot?.


I Love Shower Creme


My experience with I Love Strawberries and Cream Bath & Shower Creme:

The package is a stylish bottle. Very good quality plastic bottle.

The shower crème looks like a milk shake. It is as though strawberry is blended with double thick cream and the thick milkshake is poured into this bottle. The brand says exactly so.


ILove Strawberries Bath Creme

I Love Strawberries Cream Shower


The fragrance is extremely fruity. Smells of fresh strawberry pulp.

The lathering is very enjoying. It turns into soapy bubbles in no time and get sliding all along the skin. Easy to rinse this shower crème too.

They say that this shower crème moisturizes the skin for day long. I cannot find it so. My bad !! I don’t find my skin dry due to this shower crème. But I cannot skip my body lotions and body butters after my bath with this shower crème either.


I Love Bath Creme


There are so many yumm flavours from this same brand. I want to load myself with all of them.

The fragrance is heaven. If you are not fan of fruity fragrance then you can avoid this. Because it is heavily and truly fruity. So don’t curse later on.


I Love Strawberries and Cream


Rating: 4.5/5

What I like about I Love Strawberries and Cream Bath & Shower Creme:

  • Fresh fruity smell.
  • Lathers into soapy bubbles very easily.
  • Easy to rinse too.
  • Very relaxed feel shower crème.
  • Creamy consistency, so a bottle will come a long way.
  • Does not dry the skin.

What I don’t like about I Love Strawberries and Cream Bath & Shower Creme:

  • I wish I could skip using loads of body lotions/butters after my bath with this shower crème.
  • Also, I wish in India it was more economically priced.

Have you tried I Love Strawberries and Cream Bath & Shower Creme?

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  1. what a beauty, nice review Chand.
    Layout of the blog is changed a bit I noticed it only now. Now it is easier to navigate on various sister blogs.

  2. This looks almost edible! But yeah, if you’ve got to moisturise yourself even after using this then it make not be worth the price you are paying for – which is so much! :O

  3. This looks very nice,i had received lemon one from this brand in my vellvette box, it was good , but i wud purchase other variants


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