Iconic Makeup Looks Of Meena Kumari


Iconic Makeup Looks Of Meena Kumari

Meena Kumari aka Mahjabeen Bano was & still is regarded one of the classic actresses which Bollywood is really proud to have given the world! She was a timeless beauty and it is really sad that we could not get a glimpse of her work because of her untimely & sad demise!

meena kumari bold eyes

I remember, my childhood days when I used to wake up to songs like “Chalte-Chalte” & “Thaade Rahiyo” and always checked out Meena Kumari on the audio cassette cover and used to wonder how perfect she looks! Is she for real?

gorgeous meena kumari

Well, growing up I watched many of her hit movies and started to love her acting & admire her beautiful looks and the perfection with which she portrayed each of her roles!

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Meena Kumari In Sahib, Biwi Aur Ghulam

sahib bibi ghulam meena kumari

The Tragedy Queen as she was later known to be nailed every character she portrayed. After so many years,people still talk about how her male contemporaries used to forget their dialogues while doing their scenes!

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In the particular movie, she played this role of a typical Bengali woman. She nailed the look as a Bengali women with her the enticing features. The elaborate saree drape, Shakha Pola & the deep kohled eyes everything was perfect.

mesmerizing beauty meena kumari

The artistically filled and perfectly round brows were Meena Kumari’s trademark. The large bindi placed on her forehead made her look every bit of the Zamindar’s wife she portrayed in this flick!

Meena Kumari in Bahu Begham

iconic look meena kumari

One of my favorites, where she looked like a dream and absolutely looked unreal! The deep stare, which she was famous for, spoke  so much! She had a raw appeal which looks absolutely unmatched and I have not seen a single actress who gives hints of Meena Kumari or has a close shadow resemblance to her enticing face!

The heavy mascara defines her eyes and makes them natural looking! The wide winged eyeliner and the soft metallic bold lips made her look so ethereal!

Meena Kumari in Kaajal

meena kumari iconic looks

I had seen this movie when I was around 14 years old and loved how she looked like the perfect homely Indian Girl and without any jewellery! She wore this look after her marriage in the movie and this is definitely what we call the Minimalist Bride! The eyes are a trademark Meena Kumari Winged eyes with a well round brows! The red hint of stain as the Bindi is what the raw appeal I was talking about!

meena kumari bridal look

She wore subtle pink, coral pink hues which gave the soft appeal to her look! Because back then, vamps used to wear bold & dark shades while pinks, peaches & coral shades were assigned for the main lead!

Pakeezah, Meena Kumari’s last Movie

pakeezah meena kumari

Pakeezah, as I was told by my mom was basically Kamal Amrohi’s tribute to Meena Kumari as a symbol of his endless love! Initially, the movie was not a great success but because she died, 3 weeks after this movie’s release, Pakeezah became the love saga which made Meena Kumari the classic she is today!

I cannot pick just one look from the movie although she looks, sick in certain scenes from the movie but her beauty didn’t degrade even in her times of illness!

meena kumari pakeezah look

The songs from the movie have some of her best looks which I absolutely love!

Chalte Chalte Yun Hi Koi!

Well, I hope you too must have seen her from her timeless classic movies!

Which one of Meena Kumari’s movies is your favorite?


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