Identify Your Skin Types/Five Basic Skin Types

For some people it is quite simple to identify their skin type but for some it isnt. All of us are interested in knowing about our skin and wants to keep it young and beautiful forever.
It is very important to know your skin type as most of us end up using products which are not suitable for our skin. Skin types are divided into five categories .Knowing your skin type puts you in the right direction and with this knowledge you can make educated buying decision when it comes to shop for facial products:-
Normal skin -A person who has normal skin is considered to be the luckiest one. Normal skin types have an even tone and smooth texture. In most of the cases pores are not visible but the person does experience occasional breakouts and black heads too. This skin needs soft and gentle care and will not experience any flaky or oily patches.
Sensitive skin-As the name suggests this skin appears delicate and is mostly dry. Red spots are common for this skin type but pores are generally invisible. Sometimes even water can irritate this skin .Exposure to sun, cosmetics or detergents can cause redness, rashes and itching with dry skin.
It is quite prone to sun burn and has a tendency to develop swollen or broken capillaries .Stinging, burning and allergies are some common problem of this skin.
Dry skin-Dry skin needs the most careful treatment as it is quite prone to wrinkles and patches .A good moisture in a day  and a good night cream is must for this type of skin. This skin has a fine texture and is mostly transparent looking. If you don’t apply moisturizer on this skin then you feel tight .With age dry skin tends to have fine lines around the eyes and mouth.
Dry skin gets flaky and chapped if exposed to lot of winds, sun and air conditioning. It needs special care when there is change in the season.
Oily skin-Quite greasy in appearance oily skin needs a good cleanser. Over production of oil result in spots, blemishes and black heads too. Large pores problem are faced by this type of skin .This skin tends to be shiny but can dehydrate too due to harsh cleansing or scrubbing.
Combination skin-As the name suggest this skin type has combination of both oily and dry skin. The nose, chin and center of the forehead all have more oil glands than the other parts of the skin  This skin break outs more frequently especially in the oily areas.
When you buy a product according to your skin type it is not necessary it will suit you perfectly therefore try to understand your skin and use above attributes as guidelines.


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