If Your Hair Is Dull, Then Your Diet Is Missing These Ingredients!


Hello, beauties!

‘You are what you eat’ and yes, this is not just a saying! In this world of pollution and dirt, where your healthy skin and hair has taken a backseat, there are some lifestyle changes which can help you to a great extent and one among those many is the change in food habit. Eating less junk and oily food and piling up vitamins and minerals can surely help to get those lustrous locks and healthy scalp. Listing 5 ingredients that help to make your tresses healthy and shiny. Dig in!

Things That You Are Missing In Your Diet:

Vitamin B12: Vitamins are really essential for your hair especially Vitamin B12 which helps to transport blood to the hair roots. Food items like salmon, sardines, dairy products such as cottage cheese, Greek yoghurt and black chickpeas are rich in Vitamin B12 element which is a must for silky, shiny hair.

Iron: We all have a misconception that if our haemoglobin level is perfect, we have a great Iron content in our body which is totally false. Food items like dates, spinach, kale, beef and liver are rich in Iron content which helps to maintain hair to a great level. Always remember, for a great hair that shines your iron level should be above 70.

Folic Acid: Folid Acid is one of the elements to have thick and shiny hair. Lack of folic acid leads to hair fall which is a very big symptom. Food items that are rich in folic acid are grapefruits and oranges, dark leafy greens, asparagus, avocados, strawberries, okra and brussels sprouts.

Zinc: Zinc is one of the main elements for healthier skin and hair. It not only helps in cell division and growth but also helps the lymphatic system to perform well. Food that contains ample amount of Zinc is Pumpkin, Sunflower Seeds, Chickpeas, Sweet Potatoes, Oysters, Crabs and Lobsters. Lack of Zinc results in dull and brittle hair which ample amount makes the hair really elastic and beautiful.

Water: Water is life and it is the sole ingredient that binds all together. When your body is dehydrated, it can’t ever focus on the softer skin and healthy hair kind of functions and so the more water you drink, the better your skin and hair become. Drink Coconut Water or Vegetable Juice which are quickly absorbed by the body and work in a better way.

That’s all folks! Hope you like my post 🙂



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