Illamasqua Lipstick Magnetism Review, Swatches & FOTD


Illamasqua Lipstick Magnetism Review, Swatches & FOTD

Illamasqua lipstick magnetism review+llamasqua Generation Q Lipstick (Generation Q Line)

 Generation Q, a wonderful is a range of cosmetics that breaks the age barrier in makeup and celebrates ageless beauty without restrictions.
Illamasqua magnetism lipstick is part of this collection.  It also features products that are light reflective products as opposed to age reflective. It has been formulated to give women of all ages the tools to express their alter ego, no matter their age, race, etc.  Along with this lovely lipstick you will also find a new palette, 1 more lipstick, lipglosses and nail varnishes.


Illamasqua lipstick magnetism deep raspberry pink review

  • Price: 16 pounds approx INR 1,400
  • Quantity:  4 gms


illamasqua lipstick pink generation+Illamasqua lipstick+illamasqua lipstick swatches

Magnetism is a beautiful rich opulent deep raspberry pink shade which looks quite sharp in the tube.  The shade goes on nicely and has a glossy touch to it.  It is very and entirely opaque.  I am not fan of such dark colours but if they have some glossiness to them it suits me just fine.  That would probably be why I like this shade.

Illamasqua magnetism lipstick generation q swatches

When worn as a stain too it is a gorgeous colour.  You can even wear to it’s full potential and blot it down.  It glides on beautifully and doesn’t settle into fine lines.  You can expect it to stays on for 6-7 hours and if you have a meal in between then a light stain stays for an hour maximum.

Illamasqua generation q line magnetism swatches+Illamasqua reviews raspberry pink lipstick

As far as the formula of the lipstick is concerend it doesn’t dry out my lips but if you are some whose lips gets dry without lip balm
then you might need some extra moisturisation.    The packaging is very classy in its black plastic square tube.  Twist to use it like regular lipstick.

Illamasqua magnetism lipstick lip swatch

Since it is part of their fall collection 2012 it is a shade that is going to look really nice in winter.  I think it is a shade that is going to suit most skin tones.  In today’s FOTD I am wearing Illamasqua’s Magnetism!  It is going to be availiable online, come September.

Illamasqua generation q magnetism FOTD RASPBERRY PINK LIPSTICK

What I like about Illamasqua Lipstick in Magnetism:-


  • Great quality product
  • Goes on the lips without tugging
  • Lovely deep shade for winter
  • Will suit most skin tones
  • Classy Packaging

What I don’t like about Illamasqua Lipstick in Magnetism:-


  •  Only availiable online

Have you tried Illamasqua Lipstick in Magnetism?


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  1. On ur lips it looks pretty n wearable…but the shade in the tube looks so dark n deceiving. Love how creamy the swatch looks 🙂

        • arey got up at 8, and had to attend meeting at 9, need my PC, so thought of remoting in, then i found my sis and mom sittting in my PC . guess wat they had opened up MATRIMONY sites, i got super pissed, but my sis was having too much fun to even bother. GOSH !!! i was shouting, mom was shouting, my sis was ROTFL .. it looked like small jurassic park !!

          • lolz…but whats the harm :D:D I use to check out matrimony site all by myself and use to search for some rocking boy who i could get married lolz.

            • my sis starts rattling off diff guy’s profile details .. “hey this guy is 6ft, and likes cooking so you dont need to even learn cookng !!” or “Hey listen to this one .. this fellow is 30 yrs old and wants a gal who is betw/n 18-23, hz that for child marriage” .. GOSH !!

              its fun Ana, but I din have time to enjoy na .. that makes me mad !! 😀 ..

  2. Ana…. u r looking gorgeous in this pic… u got some really gr8 hair….. 😀 :heart:

    beautiful berry shade…. goes well on u…. 🙂

  3. Oh my my…sultry hot shade…how come they suit you so well and look ghastly on me..hum ek hi complexion ke hian na…

    I liked your yellow top Anu..

  4. Hey, this shades suits u well babe! I tought it wud b an aunty wala maroon Itne beginning but it’s such a beautiful Color….very much unexpected I must say 🙂 illu kab aayega India me?


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