IMAN Blushes Review, Swatches & Must Have Blushes For Olive Brown Skin Tone + Video


Must Have Blushes For Olive Brown Skin Tone

Hello Everyone, Today I am here to share a recent video from the Wise She Makeup Channel on Youtube! Recently, I reviewed 3 shades of IMAN Luxury Blushing Powder. So , I thought I will make a video as well for all of the three blushes together to make it easy for you to see how a particular shade looks on your skin tone! Lets see the Must Have Blushes For Olive Brown Skin Tone.

IMAN Luxury Blushing Powder

The brand is quite new for me and I got these from at a reasonable price. These are also available in India online on Shopclues but the price is quite steep so better ask a friend who is visiting US To get these stunning beauties for you! 🙂

The blush is really smooth and easily glides on the skin without much efforts. The smooth and velvet soft texture is what makes these blushes one of the premium blushes which one should really try!

In spite of being a powder blush the soft blush tends to give a matte finish on the cheeks.

IMAN Luxury Blushing Powder Duo In Allure fotd

Staying power of this blush is quite good and you can even compare it with high end blushes like MAC as they these tend to stay longer than a MAC blush! Only concern is that the powder blush has that powder based texture and it looks a little powdery when applied!

The shades are apt for Indian Olive brown skin tones and won’t wash out their complexion!

The shades I got are-

Sunlit Copper- This shade has evident shimmers which give the radiant glow when applied on the face. It is preferable to wear this shade for a night look rather than a day makeup look! I had high expectations with this but turns out that this shade looks muddy even though I tried it with different lipstick shades, but somehow it failed to impress me!! 🙁 This blush is more suitable for the fairer skin tones than medium or dusky complexions!

Allure– It is an interesting and unique combination of orange and peach shades when swirled as a single blush looks more of a coral orange hue on the apples of the cheeks! It looks more peachy on the medium brown dusky complexion like mine! The shade Allure can be easily used as a bronzer for the dusky skin tones making it a double duty product!

Peace– Peace shade is a deep rosy wine shade in the pan which have well infused shimmers! It looks very pretty on application! Pigmentation of this blush is great and only a little amount of blush is needed otherwise it would look too much when blended!

Checkout the video below to see the shades & swatches and also how it looks on my Olive Brown Skin Tone!

Well, I really enjoyed showing all these blushes to you and if you want more such videos do like and subscribe our youtube channel and I will try to come up with more such videos!

Have you tried any of these IMAN Blushes?

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  1. Never tried Iman, but by the looks of what you have to say and how it looks on your gorgeous skin–it seems like a must try!
    Wish it was available in india too! 🙁


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