IMAN Luxury Blushing Powder Duo In Allure On Olive Brown Skin Tone


IMAN Luxury Blushing Powder Duo In Allure On Olive Brown Skin Tone

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I hope you already read my previous post on IMAN Luxury Blushing Powder in Peace. Well, here I am with another interesting Blushing powder duo from IMAN and it is the shade Allure.

These premium blushes are great in texture and have an ultra smooth finish which looks more of a cream blush than a powder blush.

IMAN Luxury Blushing Powder Duo In Allure

Read on more about this blushing powder duo further

About IMAN Luxury Blushing Powder Duo In Allure

Silky powder blush that provides true color with a natural looking, long-lasting finish. Made in China.

Features and Benefits:-

  • Smooth application.
  • Matte finish.
  • Provides a sheer wash of color.
  • Can be worn as a blush or a bronzer.

How to Apply: Tap off excess powder before applying to face. Smile and apply to apples of cheeks using a circular motion. Sweep upwards towards temples. For blush duos, lighter shade can be used to highlight while darker shade contours.IMAN Luxury Blushing Powder Duo In Allure shade

Packaging: The blush comes housed in a black pot with screw lid. Lightweight and compact. The transparent lid makes it easy to detect the actual shade. The outer black cardboard box has all the essential details.

Shade– This blushing powder duo has two shades ob blush in a single pan. The shades are a peach based color and a deep orangey blush shade. When applied as a single blush, it tends to give a slight orangey peach hint on the cheeks which looks great on the skin!

The shade n the pan looks matte but when applied on the hand it has very finely milled minute shimmers in it which when used on the face, give a radiant and glowing complexion.

Texture: Texture is soft, smooth and blends evenly without much effort. Silky formula glides on smoothly and offers a matte finish.

IMAN Luxury Blushing Powder Duo In Allure swatch

IMAN Luxury Blushing Powder Duo In Allure On My Olive Brown Skin Tone

The shade Allure is a blushing powder duo with an interesting combination of peach and orange hues which altogether gives afresh coral peach color on the apples of the cheeks.

On my Olive brown Indian skin tone, it looks mores of a peach shade. The texture and formulation is simply superb and it scores really well in that area.

Talking about the pigmentation of this blush, I think it is a clear winner as a single light hand swipe tends to give a perfect flush of peach orange blush on the cheeks.

IMAN Luxury Blushing Powder Duo In Allure fotd

This is a beautiful shade which can be easily carried by most skion tones including deeper skin tones than me!

The staying power is impressive and it stays for about 6-7 hours in air conditioned environment and fades gradually with time.

Since this is a warm toned blush shade, yellow skin tones and dusky beauties can easily flaunt such a unique shade. Another interesting thing is that it can ideally be used as a bronzer for the Olive brown skin tones making the features of the face more refined and sharp!

Recently we read a post on 5 Orange Blushes for Dusky Skin tone, I think this shade can also be included in the list! :yes:

Overall, It was a complete luxury for me t use this happening shade!

Here is IMAN Luxury Blushing Powder Duo In Allure on Madhubani’s fair skin tone!

IMAN Luxury Blushing Powder Duo in Allure LOTD

Have you tried IMAN Luxury Blushing Powder Duo In Allure?

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