Importance of a balanced pH level in Conceiving


We’ve heard alot about pH levels right? Cream which help keep them balanced, feminine washes which help maintain pH levels, etc..So yes, if ‘pH’ has been mentioned so many times, it has to be important right? But what the heck is it? And why should we work so hard to maintain it? This post is dedicated to help you understand how pH levels work and how a balanced pH level helps in conception..


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What is the pH level funda?

I’m neither a doctor or a chemistry expert, but the way I’ve understood  pH is that it is the measure of acidity and alkanity in our bodies.  Think of a 0-14 range where 0 (zero) is the most acidic and 14, the highest level of alkalinity possible. Neither extreme is preferable and it’s favourable to maintain a balance of both, hence called ‘pH Balance’.

ph levels and getting pregnant

How is it supposed to help me get pregnant?

Well, a balanced pH level helps maintain a favourable tmosphere in our bodies and helps make it  more receptive. Our pH levels are majorly depended on the kinds of food we have and the environment we are exposed to. If our bodies pH levels are more acidic, then the cervical mucus is also bound to be acidic thereby making it a hostile atmosphere for the sperm. Sperm cannot live beyond 2hrs in such a hostile environ (normally, it can survive upto 48hrs).

Vaginal pH is slightly different from body pH because it is affected by your menstrual cycle and hormones. Normal vaginal pH levels are considered 3.8 to 4.5. However, at the time of ovulation, the vaginal pH should be anywhere in the range of 7 to 14, which is considered very alkaline and non-toxic to sperm. FYI, during ovulation, the cervical mucus is more alkaline than acidic which makes it a more receptive environ for the sperm.


How can I try keep the level balanced (or non-acidic which helps in conception)?


  1. Drink loads of water. Drink atleast 10glasses of water a day
  2. Eat vegetables. Veggies are way healthier than deep fried junk food and helps maintain a healthy system. Plus, foods like sweet potatoes, avocados, etc help increase alkalinity of the body.
  3. Reduce caffiene intake. High levels of caffiene increases the acidity in the body and hence, should be had in small quantities and less frequently.
  4. Snack on some almonds. Almonds helps boost the alkalinity in the body and are superb for health as well. Plain or salted, either way is fine.
  5. Start your day with some lime water. Lime acts as an alkalizing agent and helps reduce the acidity.
  6. Exercise regularly. Exercise helps to quickly oxygenate your body. More oxygen in your blood means it is better equipped to nourish every organ and tissue, including reproductive organs.


One important thing which I will especially emphasize on is not to use an feminine hygiene deodorant sprays instead it will be better to go for intimate hygiene wash.I recommend  V wash plus intiamte hygiene wash which has been reviewed here .It helps in maintaining the pH level balance .With tea tree oil it calms down the area and I have never experienced any itching or burning sensation after using it.You can read my last post on 5 ways to maintain hygiene during pregnancy here.

V wash is mild and soothes the intimate area. It’s gel based and lathers well. Unlike other intimate wash products, it won’t give that drying feeling.It has this floral fragrance which helps in menstrual days when one is cautious about it.I will really recommend this to those who suffer from vaginal odor problem.



Which are favourable foods which help maintain this balance (less acidic and more alkaline)?


This is easily explained by this diagram I found online:-


importance of maintaining ph levels in the body

Hope this helps a bit in understanding how pH levels work and how it helps in conceiving. I always thought when people told me to eat healthy while TTC was all hogwash but now I know differently..It does matter in the long run.. 😉

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