Importance Of Face Masks


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Most of the gals do the CTM (Cleansing Toning Moisturizing) routine religiously and think its enough. I thought so too until I started using Face masks regularly and frequently.
Yeah, ‘Regularly and frequently’ are the key words here!
There are many kinds of masks for different purposes  which starts right from cleansing to anti aging, depending on the qualities of the ingredients. But here I’m going to just share my experience about using the masks frequently and its benefits.
Many masks use some kind of clay (Multani mitti/fuller earth ) in most Indian masks as a base. Clay is an excellent medium to rid of toxins from the skin. While it dries on the skin, the clay sucks out toxins, water and extra oil from the skin.


Importance of face masks

While the clay is doing its job, other ingredients do their job of moisturizing,cleansing,exfoliation, lightening etc  depending on their nature, while also providing necessary nutrition to the hungry and thirsty skin.

Last many years I used different kinds of masks, including some homemade recipes. They all showed immediate results but the results were seen only for a while. I used to use these masks once in a month or at the max once in 15 days.
I realized recently after reading some stuff online that the frequency should be increased. So I started using masks every 2 or 3 days! Yes, more frequently and regularly 🙂

And following are the changes which I observed

  • The appearance of pores was reduced
  • Skin texture was a bit better and smoother
  • Size and duration of pimples reduced
  • Whenever the pimples disappeared they did so without leaving any marks
  • Overall skin tone is a bit better – I had lost my peachy glow after my baby, Its not like earlier still but so much better
  • Skin feels more balanced – not too oily not too dry
  • Skin tone is even
  • It must be taking care of preventing many flaws like fine lines etc. but I can only comment what has been corrected or repaired.

Well all this in last about 4 months or so. Now I have been so tuned to masks and how the skin feels, I know which mask would help my facial skin in a certain skin condition.
To know what your skin needs, try different ingredients or masks and be attentive to the skin’s reaction. You may need [and its also good to use] different face masks for different skin problems or purposes. What you also need to find out is what frequency suits you. If done too frequently, it may dry your skin. And too much gap in-between, and you won’t see the results so well.
It is time-consuming to sit with something on your face every other day, as compared to just applying special creams meant for special purposes. But once you see how healthy and bright your skin can become, naturally with masks, you will get addicted to these.

Also one has to keep in mind that this routine is going to help in the long run.

Soon I’ll try to make a post on different masks I have been using.

So gals, try and find your mask and the right balance to discover a naturally glowing healthy skin 🙂

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  1. Swati i use face masks twice a week and if i skip them i feel really sad.. i am kind of addicted to them 🙂 and after reading your posts i am happy that i am addicted 🙂

    • same here..i luv using them and if i miss using them twice a week then i feel like ive missed out on something vital! hehe.. :silly:

  2. i keep trying different face packs with watever material i have at home 🙂 from chandan multani mitti to papaya and lemon face pack 😛 varied things 😛
    do share list of what face packs made difference on you ? 🙂

  3. I use face packs 4 times a week – 2 times over the weekend & twice during the week (Tuesday & Thursday) – I generally use home made packs half the time, & the rest of the time is store bought 😀

    • hey Tans! which FPs r ur favs? alot of ppl say ts not gud to use FPs more that once or twice a week..thats y i dont use them more than there any truth to this?

  4. I totally agree. I swear by Gram flour – Curd – Honey face mask or call it a ritual while taking a shower works for my skin throughout the year. Another mask is Egg-white-lemon-honey that also works all year and is great for reducing pores and giving lustrous skin… talking of these there are mnay. thanks for the nice article. <3

      • 1 time i use home made face packs n market based the other time……my fav one is himalaya neem face pack n alcos anti pimple face pack since i m having some zits on my face……which r ur favorites????

  5. Nice article :yes: :yes: What mask /pack did you use in particular?
    Hmm.. i like masks too, though i prefer DIY packs, i also try commercial masks sometimes.
    Have you tried sheet masks?

  6. I have tried Mint Julep Masque and Sea magic Banana protein pack. Both works for me!
    I have combo skin with occasional break outs!! Mint one , i don’t think is available in India it really worked on my pores and acne.. And Aloevera is my HG face pack i can say!! 🙂
    And Anamika you simply rock gal.

  7. I have tried Mint Julep Masque and Sea magic Banana protein pack. Both works for me!
    I have combo skin with occasional break outs!! Mint one , i don’t think is available in India it really worked on my facial pores and acne.. Well… Aloevera is my HG face pack i can say!! 🙂
    And Anamika you simply Rock gal…..


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