Importance Of Facial Massage And Its Effects


Importance Of Facial Massage And Its Effects

The word massage itself sounds soothing. Whether you get a massage on your whole body or just on your face, you will feel relaxed. Facial massage is one of the steps during facial treatments and its the favorite part of most of us. You can get just a facial massage on a clean face sans any other steps.

Face massage is important as its like a workout for our facial muscles. This little workout enhances blood circulation. This in turn helps in reducing stress. Face massage is a great facelift as well.

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You can do a facial massage yourself but it will definitely not be as relaxing as when done by someone else. You can go to a spa for it or ask a friend or your mom to do it on you.

Facial massage covers your whole face and you can extend it to your head as well. Massage on face should be done in upward motions to lift the face, downward motion may cause skin to sag. The best fingers to use for massage are- ring finger, middle finger and index finger. They give light yet effective strokes. Use circular motion and always start with your brow area. Your nose and cheek bones come next. Massage the ear areas next and then move towards chin and neck.


Make sure that your face is cleansed before massage. It will be even better if you scrub it and then massage it. Facial massage can be done using a variety of oils. It can be as simple as almond oil or any essential oil of your choice that suits your skin. Special face massage creams and gels are also available and give good results.

The Effects of Facial Massage-


Stress Reduction

The light circular motions of a face massage make you feel relaxed. The strokes should be soft and no pinching and hard tapping should be done on face. Your massage can be of 2 minutes. If you have want better results, give 10-20 minutes to the ritual. Massage lasting over twenty minutes can lead to breakouts as your skin will be too stimulated.

Oily skin does not need more than 10 minutes while normal to dry skin can easily extend their massage time up to 20 minutes.


Better Circulation

Its a given that a massage, done well will improve blood circulation. Better circulation means glowing skin.

Anti Aging

A better circulation of blood in facial muscles will carry more oxygen to the face. This stimulates the production of collagen. And you know that collagen keeps skin young. Facial massages moisturize skin deeply and make it appear plump.

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Better Absorption

Facial massage enhance your skin’s ability to absorb the skin care products. Using a serum afterwards will make it work more effectively on your skin. This way you get not only the benefits of a massage but also the best effects of your skin care products.

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