Importance Of Using Makeup & Hair Spray



Importance Of Using Makeup & Hair Spray

Does your face look cakey after you do your makeup?? And no matter how much you moisturized your face prior to makeup?? Or like you took hours in completing your makeup and doing your hair, but neither your makeup nor your hairdo could cross the 2 hours timeline..??!


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All the problems above have a solution, called setting sprays. There are many products available in the market where some claims to set makeup and some claims to set hair. And today, we’ll be talking about their importance.

Makeup Sprays:-


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  1. Your key to matte finish or dewy glow:- Different setting sprays have different results on your skin. A matte finishing spray will give you flawless matte look to your skin, while a dewy one will give you a dewy glow on skin.
  2. No cakey makeup:- A makeup spray helps in setting the foundation and loose powder in place and thus gives a nice natural look. It stops your face from looking made-up, cakey and dry.
  3. Help your makeup last long:- They work hard to make sure your makeup stays put for hours and hours and it sets resisting unwanted color fade. Now you can stay outside, inside, moving around without any worry about your makeup slipping or getting ruined in any way.
  4. Great for bare skin as well:- You can use it on bare skin as well, just to moisturize and to keep your skin dewy and oil free for long. If you have an uneven dry patches, it will fix it too.
  5. On eye shadows:- Don’t want to spray the mist on your face, but worrying if your eye makeup vanishes? Then use it with your eye shadows and pigments to bring more intensity to the colour and to set eye shadows. Damp your brush with the spray, swirl on the eye shadow pallet and apply. Bingo..!! A deeper, smoother and long staying eye makeup is a step away.
  6. Cool summer:- Many sprays have ingredients like aloe vera, cucumber etc and other temperature control technology which helps to keep you cool on those especially humid days.

Know how to make your own spry at home.

Hair Spray:-


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  • Hold your hair style:- Hair spray is sure to hold your hair in the style you chose, with one simple spritz, for day long style that will resist wind, unbearable climates, and lengthy days.
  • Variants:- Most hair setting lotions come in different weight ‘holds’. The lighter versions are best suited to casual relaxed hairstyles, while the firmer ones are used on hair that needs real control. Like, you have a chance to choose your daily look spray and for occasional hairdos both.
  • Tame small hairs:- When we go for any hairdo, many times we see the small hairs coming out of the bands and clips, your hair spray will help you keeping those naughty strands in place.
  • Gives natural shine to hair:- The hairspray adds a natural shine and smooth texture to your hair.
  • Protection:- Many hairsprays contain SPF which protects your hair from harmful rays of sun. The protective layer also saves hair from pollution. Some provide het protection as well.

So, make room for the setting sprays in your makeup bag. Use them, enjoy the benefits and let us know your experiences.

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