In What Order Should You Apply Makeup



In What Order Should You Apply Makeup

You just got yourself a fully fledged makeup vanity, the best of eye shadows, lip colors and concealors etc. but are a little confused about what steps to follow!!! What do you do first: Apply lipstick or focus on eyes? Where does blush come in? Can you get away with putting liner on after mascara?


makeup tips for beginners

Lots of questions….. And these have lots of answers that are not going to get anywhere. Doing makeup is not a science and is more of a art, which is why every individual has their own tips and tricks, but the same technique might not work similarly for everybody, but that does not mean that you need to get your expensive makeup products wasted to discover the bets technique for you.

Of course the more versatile you go with your look, the more complex techniques it can have, but for a basic makeup we definitely have a set order of makeup application.

Today I shall share the most followed set order to apply makeup, which works best for most individuals and moreover it is not at all complex, just the right use of product at the right order can help you achieve that flawless, fresh looking makeup.

Read on.

Apply Primer


sleek primer


After you are done with lip exfoliation and your regular CTM routine, wait for a while for your moisturizer to completely sink in and then apply a primer. Primer makes foundation glide on skin easily & helps control issues like redness and pore size and minimizes their appearances. You can simply go for a single face primer, but eye primers & lip primers exist for a reason. These specific purpose primers will serve for a perfect base and allow makeup to last even longer.

Foundation Before Concealor

This was supposed to be taken as two different steps, but I am explaining the use of foundation and concealor together for a reason.

Many women often use concealors prior to foundation, and this is majorly where they go wrong, doing things in this order does nothing but add more in product wastage and extra pilling of product on face. For dark circles you can try concealing before but for blemishes, always let foundation do its job and then use concealor.

Concealing work is inevitably going to be disturbed when foundation is applied over the top, instead it is better to create a canvas with the foundation and then hide any visible flaws using concealor as a finishing touch.

Powder Foundation


UD Cream to Powder Foundation Hallucination


This step is optional and using a powder foundation is for those who want extra coverage.

Groom Eyebrows


wet n wild brow kit review + eyebrow makeup review


Grooming eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil or powder before applying your eye make-up will serve as a guide. A full, groomed brow frames the eye socket better and gives a clearer arch to work with when applying eye shadow and contouring eye.
This will also work if you make a mistake and darken eyebrows too heavily so that you can tone them down with make-up remover without worrying about ruining eye make-up.

Eye Makeup Or Lip Makeup

Well you can always have your own order for these, but I personally like doing my eye makeup before doing the lip makeup.

For Eye Makeup


sleek makeup eyeliner black flick it

Start with eye shadows’ application and then apply eye liner as desired and at the end finish off with applying mascara on curled lashes.

For Lip Makeup



On exfoliated lips apply lip balm and then line your lips with a lip liner. You can always fill in your lips with the lip liner for a better color and now apply lipstick. After slight blotting reapply lipsticks and use gloss if desired.

Cheek Makeup


Stila Portrait of a Perfect Blush Palette

Doing cheek makeup at the end makes total sense since it connects eye & lip makeup together.
If you are using only blush then you can straight away go for it, but if you are applying a bronzer then apply it before blush because bronzer works as a contouring device so should mimic the natural contours of your face. If it sits on top of your blush it will look odd.

At this step you can also do powder highlighting.

Set With Finishing Powder


MAC Prep+Prime Finishing powder Review+ mac finishing powder

Set your makeup with a very light dusting of translucent powder or finishing powder. This sets your make-up in place and will leave a layer of powder to absorb oils produced by your skin throughout the day.

If you’re using a colored finishing powder then your bronzer and blush should go after. Most finishing powders are translucent because they’re supposed to be a final layer, just make sure to blend it evenly.

Finishing Mist


Colorbar Skin Stay the Day Finishing Mist Review Package+facial skin care products

If dewy look is your desire, then always finish off with a finishing mist or spray and try using cream blushes.

This was all about a perfect order for basic makeup. I hope you girls find it helpful.

What is your order for a perfect fresh makeup look?

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  1. I would say do your eye makeup before your face as any fallout can be easily cleaned.. also it is recomended to use concealer before your foundation when you would like to use a lighter shade of conceal so it buffs I’m well with the fondation..


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