Inatur Herbals Charcoal Face Scrub Review


Inatur Herbals Charcoal Face Scrub

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inatur charcoal scrub for deep cleansing and purifying

Hope you all are doing great and have a fantastic day in this rainy season. I love every thing about it except the skin and hair drawbacks which comes along with it. I have sensitive skin and I get easily affected by climate changes hence my skin and hair need more care than usual:P

Basically Monsoon comes with so many skin and hair problems like skin irritation, rashes, fungal infections acne and so on . All these problems can be prevented by using good skin and hair care regime according to your skin type. I have oily acne prone and sensitive skin. I was facing pore clogging and rouge skin problem since long so in this season I have decided to change my skin care routine. This time I have gone all natural and recently bought so many skin care products which have less chemical composition in its ingredients.

inatur skin care charcoal scrub

Today’s review is all about Inatur Herbals Charcoal Face Scrub which I have been using since a month. It has Charcoal as it main ingredient. Here is a brief about charcoal.

Charcoal for Skin and Hair

Activated charcoal is nothing but pure form of carbon and it has used for skin irritation, disinfectant and deep pore cleansing and even whitening!! It removes dirt and impurities from face and makes skin problem free.There are so many charcoal based skin care products available in the market which almost suits all kind of skin tones. It treats minor and major skin and scalp infections effectively and gives life to dull and lifeless hair.It adds volume to hair and makes skin problem free if use regularly.

Price: INR 380 for 125gm. Available online and all inatur outlets across India.

inatur charcoal scrub ingredients

About Inatur Herbals Charcoal Face Scrub

A deeply cleansing and purifying cream based scrub that helps to slough away dead skin cells, leaving behind a glowing and nurtured complexion.

It is enriched with Charcoal powder- acts as a magnet and soaks impurities & blackheads and prevents acne, Basil extracts- that has antioxidant and anti microbial properties, Lemon Oil- that has antiseptic and astringent qualities, Neem extracts- that has anti bacterial properties for clearer skin.

  • It can be applied daily for a glowing complexion.
  • pH Balanced
  • Paraben-free
  • Sulphate-free

Packaging: The scrub comes in a tube packaging and the whole information about the product is mentioned at the black color plastic wrap of tub. The scrub states itself for deep cleansing and pore refining. It has a separate lid inside to keep product in a its place and the tub packaging is not flimsy at all and travel friendly as well.

My Experience with Inatur Herbals Charcoal Face Scrub

I am big fan of grainy face scrubs. I have used tons of scrubs till date and always want to try every possible skin care product according to my skin type. Since I have very oily and sensitive skin and its really important to take good care of my skin to prevent breakouts. Earlier I have been using cream based face scrubs by kama ayurveda and St.ives and both worked great on me But I always missed thaT deep cleansing effect …Later on I heard about charcoal and gave this herb infused face scrub a try.

charcoal skin care application

Texture,Formula and Application: The scrub has grayish colored grainy beads particles which is great for deep cleansing. The scrub texture is quite thick and spreads easily on damp skin. The scrub has goodness of Charcoal powder, neem, basil and lemon oil which works great to get problem free and healthy looking skin. It smells heavenly. Only little quantity is needed for one time application.It exfoliates really well and it doesn’t sting or irritates my skin.

charcoal scrub by inatur herbals

My Experience With Inatur Herbals Charcoal Face Scrub

I have experienced great difference in just one go! It comes off easily and doesn’t stain my facial skin. Even after having grainy particles of charcoal powder, it doesn’t irritate my facial skin. It removes all black and white heads from my face and gives glowy and brightening appearance to my acne prone skin. Along with that it prevents breakouts as well. It minimizes facial pores to great extent hence my skin looks much better than before. And last but not the least it is parabene and sulfate free which is great for balancing the PH level of facial skin.

Charcoal based products are bliss for problematic skin.If you have skin like mine go grab it you won’t look back 🙂

However I ‘ll recommend to all who want to experience great benefits of charcoal and other precious herbs. This is my Holy Grail scrub and I repurchase but for sure.

Hand Swatch:hand swatch of charcoal scrub of inatur

What I Like about Inatur Herbals Charcoal Face Scrub?

  • It has Charcoal powder as major ingredient.
  • Infused with goodness of Basil, neem and lemon oil.
  • Exfoliating particles removes all dirt and impurities from face.
  • Makes facial skin squeaky clean.
  • Minimize pore size and add glow to my skin.
  • Doesn’t irritate,sting or stain my face.
  • Only tiny amount of scrub is required.
  • Fairly priced for huge quantity.
  • Paraben and sulfate free.
  • Travel friendly packaging.
  • Vegan

What I don’t Like about Inatur Herbals Charcoal Face Scrub?

  • Tub Packaging is un-hygenic
  • Dry skin beauty need moisturizer post scrub application.

Overall Rating: 5/5 (Loved it)

Much Love, Neha


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