Incolor Hi -Tech Eyeline Black Review & Swatch


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Eyeliner, eyeliner, eyeliner! You must be thinking what is wrong with this girl?  😛 Don’t blame me as I love using them and the brands keep on sending them to me! So as a result, I am back with another eyeliner review and this time the brand is really affordable – Incolor. Yes, Incolor eyeliners are my latest favourite with their Amazing pigmentation and long-lasting finish. So, if you want to know more about this gorgeous baby, just keep on reading!


Incolor hitech blacy eye liner

What the brand claims:

One stroke application to give a new definition to your eyes contours. Use incolor eyeliner over your eyelashes. You can use multiple strokes for deeper impact.

Fantastic Colour land for a professional makeup artist.

How to use this eyeliner:

Draw like a normal liquid liner from the inner corner to the outer using short strokes.


175 INR


4 ml

Incolor Hitech black eyeline


This eyeliner looks gorgeous! Just look at the packaging guys. The silver steel looking cap and the glossy black packaging. The applicator is long and easy to hold on which applying liner. The applicator brush is so thin that you can easily apply very thin line on your upper lash line without a fuss. This packaging really steals my heart!

Incolor hitech black eye liner hand swatch


This liquid liner is highly pigmented. One stroke is enough to get that black finish!


Very smooth and easy to apply.


Doesn’t smudge unless you vigorously rub your eyes.

Staying power:

The staying power is really good. It stays on normal eyelids all day long. For oily eyelids, the staying power might be little less. One can use the primer before application to increase the staying power of this baby.


It is not waterproof but water resistant.


The best thing about this liner is, it doesn’t give you panda eyes and it flakes a bit if not applied properly. This eyeliner can be removed by any makeup remover or coconut oil.

Incolor Hitech eyeliner eye swatch

What I feel about this product:

Though Incolor is a Chinese brand, it is producing some great quality and pocket-friendly products that are good for your skin and eyes as well. They don’t irritate eyes or make them watery. They are apt for sensitive eyes too and make you look so gorgeous with the black pigments present. This super black colour is so so amazing along with the packaging that you just don’t have any points to dislike it. Oh! I forgot to mention the great staying power.  😀


Incolor Hitech eyeliner left eye swatch


This eyeliner is a big big yes for me! I love this eyeliner as it makes my eyes look so big and beautiful. I am sure each of my pretty readers will love this liner to bits!


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