Incolor Mascara For Professional Makeup Review & Swatch


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Mascara is becoming a rage day by day with Maybelline and other well-known brands coming out with a new mascara every month. Mascaras, though were quite underrated until a few years ago, is a really important part of your eye makeup as it really makes your eyes pop and appear bigger. If you can just line your eyes with a kajal and apply mascara over it, you are ready to rock. And this post is also about a mascara that is really cheap and does what it claims to – Incolor Mascara for professional makeup. Scroll down!

Incolor Mascara

What the product claims:

The unique waterproof formula plumps lashes, one by one, giving your eyelashes dramatic volume. Apply a single coat. Can be easily removed with soap and water.

How to Apply:

Sweep brush from root to tip to plump lashes and achieve dramatic volume. Do not let dry between coats.

Incolor Mascara new


300 INR

Smudge proof:



No but is water resistant

Staying power:

Good for 5 to 6 hours

Incolor MAscara for Professional makeup


Incolor Hitech mascara comes in a glossy black packaging which is regular for any kind of mascaras in town. The claim of the mascara – Voluminous is written to the packaging. But other than that, no other information is there which is a big problem in all Incolor products. No ingredient list or even the price is mentioned. This packaging is a pretty normal one without any fanciness.

How do I feel about this mascara?

The mascara from Incolor claims to be a voluminous mascara and it surely gives volume to my lashes. It does give a little length too which is an added advantage for me. The mascara wand is really nice and is not very flimsy. My lashes feel on semi-steroid after applying this product.

Incolor Mascara black eye swatch

This mascara is a basic simple one which is smudge proof but definitely not waterproof. It can be easily removed by soap and water, as they have claimed. But it is a little water resistant which is a good thing.

Incolor Mascara black

Overall, for me this mascara is a pretty simple one which does what it claims to do and I really have no complaints, considering the price.


I will recommend this mascara to all the ladies who want a “sasta sundar” product for their eye lashes that does what it claims to do.


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