Incolor Maxi Precision Hitech Eyeliner Pen Jet Black Review & Swatch



How are you all doing? Do you belong to that section of women who love eyeliners but can’t draw one properly with the liquid ones? Well, then you have your BFF in town! Pen eyeliners can be your saviour and you can draw the perfect wing and thin line that you ever dreamt of. And if you think pen eyeliners are damn expensive, then think again! Introducing Incolor Maxi Precision Hitech Eyeliner pen jet black review. Keep on digging!


Incolor hitech eye liner black

What the brand claims:

Our Maxi Precision Eye Liner gives you the ultimate control in creating bold and precise lines. The eyeliner pen releases the ideal amount of ink for decidedly dramatic eyes.

How to Apply:

Apply in a single stroke over the eyelids.

Incolor Maxi Precision Hitech Eyeliner Pen


350 INR


Smooth and very easy to glide


Very pigmented and blackest black

Staying power:

Stays on for 5 to 6 hours straight but for oily eyelids, it is a little less.


It doesn’t smudge until you rub your eyes.


It is not waterproof.


Incolor MAxi eyeliner pen


The Incolor Maxi precision hitech eyeliner pen comes in a black packaging with double layer cap protection. There is a big black cap which is present in all pen eyeliners and under it, there is a small white semi-transparent cap that protects the liner from drying. This double layer cap protection is really unique but helpful. The brand name is written on the pen but other information is absent. Overall, the packaging is a good one!

Incolor Black hitech eye liner

What do I feel about this Incolor pen eyeliner:

Incolor pen eyeliner is a deeply pigmented super black liner that is great to draw thick or thin eyeliners for beginners. It doesn’t smudge and is long lasting. The liner doesn’t sting eyes and is good for sensitive eyes as well.

Incolor black eye liner pen eye swatch


Application- I generally apply this liner after applying eye primer and this stays intake for good 6 to 7 hours. But if you have oily eyelids, then it can smudge a little. The liner is not waterproof which has to be taken into consideration too!


Incolor glide blue gel eye pencil eye swatch


Overall, I feel this is a good eyeliner pen that can be a boon for beginners.


Incolor jet black eye liner pen hand swatch


I will definitely recommend this pen eyeliner to all my sweet readers who are taking baby steps in makeup and also to the pros who want a simple and quick eyeliner to work on.


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