Incolor Smooth Overtime Base Concealer Review & Swatches


Incolor Smooth Overtime Base Concealer

We all have some patches or areas of imperfection on our faces in form of be it dark circles of certain scars. To cover them up nicely, One of the make-up base must haves is a concealer. Few days back, I was on a hunt for one that’s reasonably priced and works well. Since, I put on makeup only occasionally. I did not want to shell out a lot of bucks for it :-p. At a local cosmetic store, the sales person introduced me to INCOLOR smooth overtime concealer, which i happily grabbed for myself. Read on to know about my experience 🙂


Incolor Smooth Overtime Base Concealer Review+makeup kits


About Incolor Smooth Overtime Base Concealer:-

Oil free with long lasting effect for Professional Make Up Artist.
Well, I believe all of the claims to be true.Even the Last one since it takes a little skill to spread this one evenly on face.
P.S: there is a warning on the product that says Stop use if skin irritation appears.

  • Contents: - Ozokerite,cera alba,ethylhexyl palmitate,parrafinum liquidum,isopropyl myristate,BHT mica,pigment:C177891,177491,177499
  • Shades:The shade i am reviewing is shade no.1.However, there are a few more shades, available. You have to select a shade as per your skin tone.


concealer Incolor Smooth Overtime Base Concealer Review+reviews


My take on Incolor Smooth Overstay Concealer:

Packaging: The product comes in a twistable , cream coloured tube just like that of a lipstick. It has a flattened top. The packaging looks elegant to me 🙂 It is a travel friendly product.


Incolor Smooth Overtime Base Concealer Review Pack+makeup products


Fragrance: Mild and would not irritate the nose.It goes off within half an hour of application


How to use Incolor smooth overtime concealer? Use the stick directly on my face as it can’t be applied with brushes.It would not blend easily.You need to moisten your finger tips with a light moisturizer to blend it evenly into your skin.


Incolor Smooth Overtime Base Concealer Review Hand Swatch+concealer review

Incolor Smooth Overtime Base Concealer Review Blended Hand Swatch+cream concealer



The product indeed is long lasting.It stays for a good 4 to 5 hours.It gives your skin a healthy glow which looks  natural and beautiful 🙂 Perfect finish..I am happy with the product.


What I like about Incolor Smooth Overtime Base Concealer :

  • Different shades available
  • stays for long
  • Gives a healthy glow to skin
  • Comes off easily with any cleanser
  • Does not make you look flaky…as if you have applied layers of makeup.
  • Mild fragrance
  • Travel friendly


What I don’t like about Incolor Smooth Overtime Base Concealer :

  • It takes a little skill to put on.

Do i recommend Incolor Smooth Overtime Base Concealer?
Yes,it can be given a chance.

Have you tried Incolor Smooth Overtime Base Concealer?

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  1. Hey thanks Bhawna…for reminding me the price.I am sorry to hear that it didn’t not suit you 🙁 Sweety,many products suit some people and do not suit others.I guess that was the case with you…I and a few friends are using it and they found it fine…by doesn’t blend in well i mean,you need a little moisturiser on your fingertips to spread it evenly since it is in stick form and not liquidy…It is not such an issue…It spreads evenly and does the job well…I wouldn’t call it a must buy but it deserves a shot,definitely

  2. It was my bad dear,Riya..i got it long time 10months or so,almost a year.’few days’ was a typing error on my part…it just happened in flow of writing.Anyhow what is more important is the product..right? I even told Anamika that i really dont remember the price just have an idea that it was not a costly one.I even searched online but could not find the price..i am sorry.I would take care in future.Animaka here is true on her part.Even I am, to err is human….I have been honest in describing the product excuse me this time.I dont mean to offend anyone.

  3. See,I again wrote Animaka instead of Anamika..:p. I probably need glasses,now.In good spirits,sorry again:) I am new here,please consider me a newbee and ignore my lil mistake.


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