Independence Day Nail art + NOTD


Vande Matram gals ,

Hehe… too patriotic isn’t it .. but I just theme it up with today’s post .. Yes, yes!  Today I am here with an Independence day NOTD..   Have a look 🙂

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indian independence day nail art

Independence and Republic days were my favorite in school time coz we use to have practice sessions for celebrations like a month before and hence less classes 😀 I so liked the day before when we were asked to come to school without our bags just for practice whole day.. fun days those were..

Ok enough… so coming to the most , I keep it quite simple and reason behind .. that I’ ll tell u down..  first let see what all I used  for this NOTD:)

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nail art+ indian independence day nail art

From l-r Faces white o white,  MNY my varnish 653, Nicole by opi Top of My World, Acrylic paints in orange, white, black, green , nail art brushes and  seehe vite dry fast top coat.

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indian independence day nail art

Breakdown of the NOTD is that I first applied a base coat then a single coat of white polish on all my nails.   On that it has 1 layer each of MNY and Nicole glitter polish.. now comes the interesting part  I said I keep it simple because I am very fascinated with   fan brush and I just wanted to use it  somewhere meaningfully   so I did  acrylic orange and green fan strokes on sides of all nails except on ring finger as I draw a flag with acrylics paints on that…

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independence day nail art

and over tht again I layered glitters and a top coat.. that’s it ..

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nail art +independence day

So how do u like this mani… are you planning something special this day ..  I saw couple of independence day EOTD and thy r fun..  thnk  god we have colorful flag  J

Jai Hind 😉

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  1. Woahoooooooo..ur truly in a patriotic mood.. Dimpal! Must be missing INDIA Today in UK! 😀

    Love ur NOTD of the day.. Imagine u going for shopping today n all firangs looking at ur INDIAN Nails! So proud of U mwaaah! :-* :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup:

  2. very nice………………… weee. i love the effect of the fan brush. You totally changed the look of it with that !!!!

    • hehe at first i thought of sponging bt thn saw the fan brush in my toolkit … its a lil different in appearance thn sponging as it leaves spikes at th end.. . may be if i managed to make white color broader thn the difference would be more visible..


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