Indian Baby Boy name Suggestions


Richa Asks,

Hey ur page n posts ..n congratulations for your baby gurl!! ..u’ll surely get some very nice name or options thru ur fan bank on FB…I request you to kindly ask ur fans n do the same for my baby boy also who is 6months now …his official name is yet not finalized…I want some nice and new name options to be ready, b4 his dad returns from sailing ,(He’s in merchant navy so sailing right now) …


As of now v call him ‘Yash’ his pyaar wala naam (‘ladoo’ too) – official name is yet to be finalized, if you could plz ask for suggestions ,— asking for baby boy names with alphabets ‘R’ , ‘P’ ‘A’ or ‘K’, ‘M’ …I dont want common n usual names so trying with these alphabets … ur help wld really mean a lot …Tnxx in advance …Happy Parenting !!! Wise she reader question

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  1. manas, arnav, aditya, abhimanyu, pulkit, – all these names i thought of when my baby was born. v chose to keep manas as its short n sweet.

  2. thanku so much anamika n all u lovely ppl …. so wat name u finalised anamika for ur lil angel?!! …some of the names r definitely going on my list … thanks a ton ! … i lwd b really obliged for some more new n meaningful names


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