My Makeup Journey Contest Entry 4 By Avanti


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As I start to write about my makeup journey, I am wondering how to start. And I am also thinking where exactly did my makeup journey begin? It’s been so long that my memories of it seem to be warped and hazy.

I would say my journey began a generation ago. My, mom is probably a bigger beauty freak and a makeup junkie. I have taken on her genes. When I was in my early teens she had her parlour and here was a play ground for me to play on. I would pick up clue and tip watching her. I remember my mom insisted on waxing my legs when I was all of 12-13 to sport my school uniform which was a smart blue pinafore dress. On any family function or festive occasion she would offer me her lipstick and eyeliner to dress up. She always has been very encouraging to both, my little sister and me for everything, but when it was makeup and fashion we had a free hand.

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At college with limited doe in hand, makeup was a luxury. A lipstick or two in neutral shades would go a long way. Sharing eyeliner was considered ok among friends. Big brands were alien and Avon , Oriflame took care of our makeup desires. Internet was a not so popular way of gathering knowledge. It was the Women’s Era, Femina and Cosmopolitan that supplied us with all the wisdom on fashion, makeup, beauty and being a woman. Ofcourse, how could I miss out on loads of nail polish. I was a nail polish junkie in college and a nail art freak. At college people would wait for my nail art every Monday as I would wear a new one every weekend.

Like every journey this too had its bumps and speed beakers. There were times when I goofed with my makeup so badly that I almost thought of swearing to never wear one again. I have had days when I have worn clown like blush (earlier known as rouge) on my cheeks and also dreaded moments when the entire family was leaving for a function in a few minutes and I realise that my eyeliner (It was only liquid liner then and was very easy to mess it up) has gone wrong drastically, and I have to take it off completely to save myself from a faux pas. But it was a part of my journey and I cherish that too. And there were also times when a senior walked to me and requested to help her with her makeup for a college event. It certainly is a proud moment.

Life balances out itself. In college I had all the time for makeup and beauty but barely any money. When I started working I had all the money and barely any time for makeup. But it’s the desire and passion that drives you. I developed multitasking, for makeup. I would wear makeup at every traffic signal I would stop at. So by the time I reached office I would be decked up for a no-nonsense board meeting.

My love for makeup always stayed with me even in the harsh and mean, IT corporate world for almost a decade. I told you, it’s my DNA to be blamed. I became popular as a ‘Miss Beauty know it all’. My female colleagues often discussed their makeup and beauty woes with me and my male colleagues often request me to help them suggest/ shop for their girlfriends and wives. It was routine for my little sister and me to go shopping and luncheon every Saturday. We would end up buying atleast one clothing or makeup each. We looked forward to Monday to wear it to work. Yeah, makeup can be your inspiration to beat the Monday blues J

Unlike my college days I would now shop for bigger brands and experiment with my makeup looks. Internet gave access to a whole new world that we didn’t know it existed. I pursued the season trends, Pantone colors, make up revolutionary products and fashion week looks. Lipsticks were no longer neutral and nudes, red and oranges made place for themselves in my kit. Blushes were a daily affair. Then came the highlighter, contouring and basically anything that hit the stands. My collection would put any fervent collector to shame.

Days passed I kept wonder what was I doing selling IT for so many years, something that I don’t relate to at all. One fine day I decided I will quit and get a life for myself. I had to do something that I love doing even if it was for a hobby. I wanted to share my thoughts, ideas and information with all the seekers. I knew I could word it well. I started blogging. I started writing for some blog site, opened my own blog page and then here I am writing my heart out for you all at

So there started my journey a generation ago and I hope to pass it on to my daughter (When I have one). It’s been a journey where I was born with a fetish for makeup and then makeup found me as Miss Bo Peep J

My five most used makeup by me. Come on, I am junkie I need atleast a couple of dozens.  Never the less here is what you will find in my makeup survival kit.

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  1. OH i did not know there is a contest running on “make up jounrey” can i share my views tooAna…this is interestingggggggggg??? ?:-)

    Oh lovely write up..dear! V just love make up dont we… u luk very pretty in that pic :beauty: :lipstick: :inlove:

    • Tnx dear glad u liked. Guess wen u pour out our hearts its liked 🙂
      Chubb yes I was born a chubb…… 😀 . Hehehe

  2. Beautifully written avanti! I can relate to it completely! I threatened to go on a hunger strike when i was 12 as my mom wouldnt lemme wax my legs and i was quite!

  3. “Life balances out itself. In college I had all the time for makeup and beauty but barely any money. When I started working I had all the money and barely any time for makeup.” So true. 😀 Amazing stash of makeup you`ve got there 😛 love loved it all ^_^

  4. nicely written…. I feel I have seen u some where…. or is it I have seen some body who resembles u!!!!….
    confused now..


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