Fashion Wednesday Beat The Heat


Fashion Wednesday Beat The Heat

Hello Girls! Summer might make us sweat profusely the moment we step out but it also brings the fun to wear those colorful clothes, feel the breeze with our eyes wide open and to enjoy the lightness of the body in cool dressing. So here we are presenting Fashion Wednesday Beat The Heat.

I am sure you would agree that summer is the best time to flaunt your body as well. Specially if you are a perfect 10, you got to wear what you please and show yourself off. This is what you only get to do in summers while in winters you would not be interested in showing off even your index finger to the world!

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how to wear crop tops casually

The soft and soothing touch of the summer clothes is definitely what one seeks to wear all the year through. So it is the perfect time to unleash your breathable, light weight outfits out of your wardrobe and feel the air.

how to make a crop top from a t shirt

We from Wiseshe always bring to you something or the other to add to your makeup knowledge, but today I thought to do something different and come up with some fashion tips to style the clothes and also wear some junkies and accessories.

Street Style Dressing

I am bringing to you today my own style of dressing up in a street style using some junk jewelry as well alongside. Being a huge jewelry hoarder that I am, I never leave my look incomplete. I just have to accessorize. You would realize the same by the end of this post. My love for accessories knows no boundaries.

how to make crop tops

In this look, I wore my pair of blue denims and folded them off the ends to get that street look. Paired with it, I wore a neon pink crop top which would add the needed bold attitude to my look. It would also pep my look to a great extent. To add to this look, I wore junk jewelry as you can see in the pictures. I bought these pieces from random street market.

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how to wear crop tops

I hope you have not missed out on the bangle I have on my hand. The multicolored bangle with pink being the main strike out color is one of my favorite hand accessories. These come in handy when you do not want to wear a bracelet or your hands feel empty.

Accessories with Street Style Dressing

Do not miss out on my black studded bag which is highlighting and adding the style quotient to my look. I wore white stilettoes to enhance my look with it. You got to style yourself well to dress free and lovely. It is not imperative that we should dress up only to please someone rather I believe in dressing up for myself and only myself.

how to wear crop tops with inner

This, I feel is the perfect way to dress up while going for a day out with your girlfriends. You got to be free to enjoy yourself completely and in this look, I am free from any kind of attire related hassles. I love how summery and fun the whole outfit turned out.

Hope you all like the whole look. Please share your views on it. Also share your summer look! We would be happy to know how you dress up for the summers. Look cool and beautiful, seasons do not matter. This is the time to feel the breeze and enjoy yourself to the fullest.


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