Indian Home Made Tea Masala Recipe


By Harsha,

Whenever I have tea, I cannot think of having it plain, either I go with adding ginger or this home made tea masala. This is an age old recipe. It is very easy to make and all the ingredients are easily available in market. Other than using in tea this has its other benefits too, which I am going to share with you.

·         According to my mother, the first thing she does before proceeding is to keep all the above ingredients in sunlight during morning or afternoon hours, as it protects them from insect and it retains its freshness. This can be kept for 1-3 hours.
·         Clean the dry ginger using a clean dry cloth.
·         Do not peel the cover of the cardamom seeds, use it with the cover for the taste.
·         To make the fine powder of the ginger, you can crush the pieces in Pestle and Mortar, often made of cast iron ( in hindi its called kutna in hamam dastha or bistha).
·         Then mix all the above ingredients in a mixer jar and grind till it becomes a fine powder.
·         I told you its very simple and here is you tea masala ready.
·         You can add this tea masala according to your taste be it strong or light in your tea. To get the maximum aroma and strong taste of this masala while making tea first thing you can do is boil this masala in water for 3-4 mins(depends on how much milk and water you add in making tea) and then you can add tea leaves and all, or even can add together with tea leaves, sugar and milk.
·         To keep the taste fresh prepare the powder which lasts for 25-20 days.
·         The above ingredients can be increased or decreased according to your taste and requirement. Cinnamon powder should not be used too much as it can make the taste bitter.

Other Benefits
·         This same masala can be used in milk too (add when you are boiling the milk to drink and stir it for 5-10mins), the best you would love it in winters or during rainy season when weather is cold. You can even add Fennel seeds(green saunf) in the above ingredients while powdering it. But its tastes good in milk, some people may not like the taste of saunf in tea.
·         This masala is very helpful if you are suffering from cough and cold, for this you can simply boil the masala 1-1 ½ tea spoon in water and drink. If its too strong you can add sugar to make it sweet. But remember not to drink water for at least half to one hour.
·         This powder can also be added in sweet lime pickle.
·         This masala has its various uses other than adding in tea, you just need to keep experimenting it in your food.

·         People who suffer from excessive heat in their bodies should take it in less quantity due to the natural strong properties of the above ingredients.


  1. wow ,i was searching something like this ….love the ingredients u used in it …i love to try different tea masalas …thanks for sharing anamika

  2. Hello Anamika,

    Just wanted to say that I absolutely love this website; I am recent follower of your blog and I must say I am loving it!!!

    I am an indian living in london and I must admit im finding all your tips/reviews extremely useful.I have read many makeup blogs bt did not come across any that would have so much useful information for my NC40 skintone..hehe…

    and yea coming back to his chai masala tip..awesome..i always pick up loads of ready made masala pack when I visit mumbai cuz I cannot find them where I live…bt yea with ur tip..i must say uv made me and my friends sooooo happy..thank you and keep up the excellent work baby!!!..xx



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