My Makeup Story – Entry 2 By Shweta



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Here is Shweta Entry!

I think everyone on WS knows what my makeup story is like.I have always been a girly girl with an obsession for eyeliner (well ,like most of of the other girls in this country)!But back in college ,I would wear kajal and gloss,simply because our college had strange rules of no capris etc and most of us dint feel like wearing makeup with the clothes that Mithibai College in Mumbai would allow.


Then came my induction into Jet Airways in 2003 where makeup is as important as breathing .We were all trained in makeup and thus began my full blown love affair with makeup .But after a few years ,it got boring as the makeup rules were very strict!Even a slight variation was not allowed and they had some really strange makeup rules like the blush has to visible which killed all the fun of makeup!Imagine wearing the same few things day in and day out.Luckily common sense prevailed in the airline management and they decided to give us choices and color families that we could follow.Till then ,when our uniform was blue we were required to wear Lavenders and purples,one primiary reason why I still wont wear purples in my makeup if I can avoid them.I had a sense of ennui and boredom when it came to makeup at this point and I would even go for parties with just kajal and lipbalm.When the uniform changed.. we were made to wear red lipstick with a yellow uniform!i was aghast and I swore I am neevr wearing red lipstick again!


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After I resigned ,I refused to wear makeup for atleast 6-8 months !!! Shocking!yes I know !If everyone has picked up their jaws off from the floor ,Il continue…Eventually,I decided I should start wearing some makeup again.And I did,, I still would wear only eyeliner and a gloss but started graduating towards eye shadows again.And it was at this point my wedding got fixed .. So for my roka or engagement I did my own makeup.. and the compliments I got were enough to get me started on this wonderful journey again! This is also when I rediscovered the joys of makeup.It was at this time I also got hooked onto reading blogs and was a silent reader of WS till a few months back .Now ,I wont step out of the house without atleast little makeup on! And the rest as they say is history!

My top 5 Favourite Products:-


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    • but i like how all airhostesses wear makeup with confidence although there is too much of my recent flight one of them wa wearing fake eyelashes..they looked utra fake but she not bother and was blinking them all the time while talking to me 😀

      • hahha !!althoigh imagine if the fell down!!u kno in jet they had this silly rule of wearing hairpieces to cover up the bun!it was scarapped all of sudden after two months… then we were told that while doing the safety demo one girls hairpiece flew into shaman azmis face!!n sinchs ms azmi is one the board of directore of jet.. the next day there was a memo saying hairpieces are not allowed with immidiate effect!!!hahahhahaha

  1. u kno that has been on my mind for a while.. i just need someone to click my pics!hubby has been flying too much and he is hardly ever home!Although i plan to do one soon..

  2. Thats an awesome write up..Shweta!!! :lipstick:

    Too fun to read… N i know u r such a pro by now at Make up.. sumtimes even i feel l bas hua ab make up …lol…but thats just temporary mood swings i tell u.. the moment i see sumthin new m back to make up.. :lipstick:

    At times i put make up looking at my make up stash.. dat wen in the world will I ever finish this all… nevertheless… Love make up :lipstick: :inlove: :heart:


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