My Makeup Journey Entry 6 By Chandani


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Illamasqua powder blusher duo no.3

My relationship with make up is so very young. It is just as young as my daughter; just about 2 years. Yes….true. My daughter too is 2 years. . A little began when I was mid way my preganancy. Many things began after I delivered her and joined back to office after my maternity leave. So, you see, the full bloom relationship of makeup and myself is even smaller than my daughter’s age.

I still remember the day I bumped into WiseShe. I was so shocked that ladies use so many things.

Ok, so when I used to brush my hair everyday to get ready to office, I used to notice I had lost that charm in my skin. So, used the Google search engine to find what I was searching for. And WiseShe popped up. And I kept on moving from one link to other on Wise She, silently watching every one. (I know there are so many silent readers even now here reading my blah blah blah.) Every day I went to office to see WiseShe articles. And couple of months later, the admins blocked WiseShe on the office network. Hell, sick people. L.

I remember the excitement when I had bought my first lipstick from Revlon Colorburst range. It was a little above Rs.500. And can you imagine!!! I just tore off the price sticker pretty soon; if somebody notices I had bought a lipstick so expensive. Yes, nobody in my family supports make up.L. And any/all  price tag is considered expensive when it comes to cosmetics.

I began with  lipsticks initially. I started with peaches and nude browns. I had slowly reached upto 6 lipsticks; one fine day my mom noticed them in my bag and shocker shocker shocker everywhere.

Mom said “What is this!!! You have so  many!!!”

I said “I will show you a blog called WiseShe. And a lady named Anamika, You will never say that 6 lipsticks are too many to have..!!”

Down the line I bought a pink blush. And as for eyeshadows, it is not even a year I started using them. My mom does not know I own eye shadows. He he he. Whenever she visits me. I make sure I lock them up away from her.

Even today my monthly bill of buying make up cosmetics does not even reach rs.1000. Yeah, I sound like I am outdated. Whenever I pay  from my hubby’s account; he pops the question “You paid somewhere!! What is it you bought? a paint for eyes!! Or is it a lipstick?? You have so many. When do you finish them!”.

I have seen many of you complaining about your guy being color blind. Now you see, my hubby is product blind.So, no recognition for makeup here too. I can number and name the products I have, such small is my collection. J. Yet I keep mixing and matching them in all possible ways to keep my taste and interest alive.

With every passing day my toddler girl has learnt where and how a lip balm is used, where a pencil takes its place  on her mommy, and how does a nail paint bottle look like. She will have  a huge story of make up journey when she grows up. She brings a bottle of her shampoo, some how managed to drop it out of the bottle, applied it on her arm….and she yells out “ammaa…champoo click maadi”…she meant  “mom….click the shampoo”.

Ok, little lady is getting into her mother’s shoes.. 😉

So, here is the list of my most used products.

must have makeup products

Mac Ash Voilet is my first and so far only one Mac product in my collection. So, for me to own an Illamasqua or Seohora product is possible only in my next birth, if at all I am born or married to a make up tolerant man. :-p.

If at all I happen to win Illamasqua here on WiseShe, I would definitely ha8ve the feel of Royal Queen of WiseShe. Thanks WiseShe. Thanks Anamika. 🙂

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  1. nice chandni!! this is very true of many ladies!infact my hubby likes to see me decked up but is always like u spend so much on color ka dabba!! 😛
    he knows its no use telling me.. !I dont even tell him how much MAC costs she

    • U know if i skip out makeup K is life whats wrong with u today 😛

      few days back my MIL visited me..she complimented me saying that u r glowing..K replied that it must be her blush…grrr

    • he he he…. my hubby will never want all the colors on my eyes…especially blue… and I am so stuck to blue these days….

  2. Nice article Chandni! It was endearing to read about your little daughter… little gals are the best! Thank God no websites are blocked in my campus net connection!
    In my case I hide makeup from my dad… he compliments me on my looks when I have makeup on without realizing its makeup… but if he sees me in the act off putting on some, then he has a big problem! But I always manage to get my way in this matter 🙂 Thank God he doesn’t ask me the prices!!!

    My mother doesn’t exactly approve but she has a secret fancy which I keep unearthing, I recently bought her Maybelline BB cream and compact powder and she uses them on rare occasions, in such a shy and cute manner! Mom doesn’t mind me spending much… except for the occasional much needed advice and the question ‘when will you use all that you already have?’

  3. Hey u have stolen my story huh !! Just kidding.. I have the same story..what to do ! B4 wiseshe I liked makeup..but after wiseshe I like makeup on me ! And this manic behavior of collecting stuffs..though somewhr I know I am not a regular user of these… I like u wiseshe..u have thunderstormed the lady in me heehee.. Earlier I had 3 I have 12. Earlier I had 1 eyeshadw 4… U all must be thinkingehhh..wats in that..its less..but belive me its much for me.spcly when I hv strted readng wiseshe since last 6 months..mann to karta hai cosmetic shop hi khol lu..u hv given me my future business idea Ms. owner …of my same name !!

  4. Loved reading your journey. Mine was not same but my mom was very strict about makeup and everything related but after I finished school and went to college, then my journey started and now I love makeup well not now, I have always loved..:D
    I wasn’t aware about the beauty blogs but when I came across I was hooked to them and it was more like an addiction..:D

    • I so agree… beauty blogs are very addictive. I do not have my own blog.. but yet I find so much of happiness by just reading the blogs. :).. I can imagine the pride u take in owning a blog.

  5. Hey Chandini, its such a cute story. Its so nice that you are still going head on for pursuing your dream in-spite of obstacles. I am sure you are going to be super supportive of your daughter using makeup. Kudos to you and your lil one. Enjoy every bit of makeup. Its a woman thing and men will never understand.
    BTW… you a kannadiga? Are you from Bangalore?

    • Me too……………. I only read… read.. read and read the blogs. I never commented anywhere too…. now see I am writing here…. for me it is such an achievement to be a part of WiseShe….to own a tiny collection of make up products…

  6. such a lovely story Chandni 🙂 my bf doesnt stop me frm buying but he doesnt like that either. While the time, I am shopping makeup, he keeps pestering me why do you need this and why do you need that? I remember once I was trying to explain what an eyelash curler does and what is the difference between before and after and it was a laugh riot 😀 😀 😀 when it comes to bf/hubby, Ignorance is bliss here :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    Preeti Kaur recently posted.. Matrix Biolage Root Nourishing Oil Review

  7. Awww!this is awesome journey you have Chandani. 🙂 I too have similar story my mum and younger sis like me using all make up stuff.Both of them don’t use any sort of color cosmetics. I curbed my urge for this till college ends. As soon as I got a job I bought hell lot of maybelline, colorbar, Inglot nail colors, eyeliners,lipsticks, blush etc. MAC and Nars products were a biggest splurge.When I came back home when I gave up my job (waiting for joining letter of next one) ,mum & sis found all my stuff in closet …bang!! It was blast!! They literally threw most of my stuff outta anger in dustbin..I saved some of my goodies ..but I feel so sad for all cute lipcolors, blush, and nailcolors I lost! :'( But still I am happy still I got few with me

    • oh… into the dustbin!!! :O. No.. so far nothing as such has happened to me. My hubby knows my tiny collection (for him it seems to be huge). If at all he dares to touch them, I will definitely be on war with him…

      and my mom, i cannot say… she might throw… uuuuufffff scary…

    • my hubby will pay lakhs for gold and diamond. but just a 500 or 1000 for colors is like a crime. it is like” you are spending all that I earn for colors….what will we eat” eh!!!!

  8. loved ur story chandni…. :hug-makeup: really thank god my bf soon to be hubby loves makeup on me mostly bright lipsticks 😉 .. he keeps asking which brand i lyk..i keep him giving gyan of drugstore n high end brands 😀 he has pretty gud knowledge now O:-)

    • hehehehe , I`d love to get someone as appreciative of a woman being artistic as your bf-soon-to-be-hubs is. Lucky woman you are. ^_^

  9. I think many women and especially young girls can relate to your story in India .As a college student even I buy the things that I love through my own money , and I love it that way. My mom however loves to learn from me whenever she can and together we have a lot of fun – as i make her look years younger in a few strokes 😀 hehe It`s like I`m my mom`s fairy godmother. Your story is so heart touching – I can totally understand how passionate you are – because in face of every adversity you`ve continued to be creative. You daughter surely will grow up to be a lovely and stylish young lady but one who knows how to manage her finances. ^_^


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