My First MAC Giveaway Win :):)


By Maha ,

I got my MAC Caviar Dreams from the giveaway 🙂 It is my first MAC product and will always be special for me 🙂 Thank you Anamika for the wonderful giveaway and you have no idea how happy I am to get my first eye shadows and my first MAC 😀

MAC Cavair dream eyeshadow review

And Anamika had also included this lovely Maybelline Colorsensational lip gloss in Raspberry Sorbet :dance: I don’t know how she figured out I love glosses and it was really sweet of her to get such a lovely shade for me :))


MAC Caviar dream eyeshadow review

Now I will have to get my eye shadow brushes and try eye makeup for the first time 😀 Will do an FOTD if I come up with some decent look (of course it will take few months for me to learn properly I guess 😛 )

Maybelline Colorsensational lip gloss Review

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  1. congrats!!! enjoy your goodies!! and it is always great to get surprise gifts. even i like the surprise one more than the main gift. 😛 :-* :-)) :yes: :present:

    • u don be jealous of every thing Mitra :D:D otherwise next time i will see then will complain to yur boyfriend :D:D

  2. No no…he thinks i’m a low maintenance and no-demands girl….he will be scared..then my sapna of having a loving husband will vanish…

  3. Yeah I will practice with MAC :smug: :smug: And low maintenance 😯 You toh have e/s in every other possible color :struggle: And whats that ‘q’ in your name ?:-)

    • yaa low maintenance ..she picks up every possible product and calls herself low maintenance..:D:D Good evening Maha:):)

        • awwww … is going to be there for u ever so don’t worry Maha 🙂 take some ajwain and salt ..if u know what ajwain is :D:D

          • Yeah I have to learn to live with it :(( And yeah I will try taking ajwain and salt thankoo 🙂 And more than stomach ache, my back bone aches a lot! That makes it intolerable to sit down :(( All my weaknesses join hands together at this time 😛

            • i said i am ready to help u don have to search for it dearie :D:D
              by the way on occassion of my birthday world is free from Osama :D:D

              • You only said you’ll give me bad ideas too :(( But I know secretly you’ll give me sooooper ideas 😀
                And yeah so happy that he is dead but can’t really say the world is free coz when one devil dies another rises :(( He might have raised another mad terrorist :(( I just hope all this terrorism is put to an end 🙁
                And another person I really wish is gotten rid off is Rajapakshe. He is no less than Obama.


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