Indian Meals Cooking In Hotel And Saving Money


Hello! to all the travel freaks! Travelling is a must and who doesn’t want to do an affordable travelling programme? I know, travelling can be an issue, especially abroad and when you have kids along. Eating outside can not only burn a hole in the pocket but also can make you and your family unhealthy. So it is really better to eat one meal in a hotel room and for that cooking is a must!

I know many of you will find cooking while travelling boring, but when you can spend time with your family along with travelling, what else do you want? In this post, we will tell you some items that you can cook easily while travelling and also some of the simple utensils you need for that purpose. So just scroll down!

biscuits and other stuff while travelling abroad

This really looks huge, right? But trust me you need this all. Or else, if you want to reduce some, you can too!

mtr poha

The first thing that you should obviously add is a poha. It is light on the stomach and very light on the pocket 🙂

mtr upma

Another great option is upma. This can be a light snack when you are travelling which you can always carry.

Poha and Upma are easily available everywhere in India and you just need to add hot water. Wolla, you are ready!


Then comes the evergreen Maggi, that is the favourite among every age group. 😛 We all love Maggi, don’t we? But are you thinking how to prepare Maggi? Well, you have to keep reading for that!

mtr Ready to eat

And if you are a lover of Indian cuisine and want to take your Indian taste everywhere, then this option is for you. Ready meals are a great option when you are opting for homemade food abroad.


Something for our sweet tooth! These chikkis are really healthy and delicious too. Even kids can have this and love the taste. It can be a great desert when you are at the hotel.

quaker oats

So after gaining all those calories, it’s time to lose some! Carrying oats is a great option if you love having healthy food even while travelling.


Then comes the delicious Nutella. Guess I am more of an unhealthy eating person! 😛 Nutella can work really well with bread or even rotis. So take along this yummy baby with you!

Some Parathas for that Indian you! Who doesn’t love Parathas with some Matar Paneer? And when you are carrying Matar Panner, how can you forget the parathas? And if you think, you can’s make it, think again! Read on 😉

haldiram rajma and aloo tikki

This Haldiram Jeera Rice and Rajma is a good option for heating and eating kind of people. Just heat in your kettle, if you don’t have any other means and you are good to eat.

The Aloo Tikkis are a must have when you are having some Indian food. You can make it a sandwich and burger too! Just scroll further down to know how to make.

pichku and tomato sauce

Then comes some add-ons! Have some Maggi Pichkoos which is tomato sauce, coconut water, tissue papers, cleaners, spoons and of course plates!

And with this, we end the food portion. Aren’t you feeling hungry?

Now coming to the utensils portion!

travel cooker

If you love cooking or you are thinking till now how to cook Maggi or Rajma, then this is that baby for you! This is a travel cooker that is really handy while travelling. The size is really small and you can easily carry it around. Just plug into the socket and press the turn-on button. That’s it! Really good to go.

making maggii

And look, this is how Maggi can be made in this travel cooker. Isn’t it easy?


And for the parathas and aloo tikkis, this is the weapon! A small griddle or a tawa is the thing you need to carry. Just place the tawa over the travel-cooker stove and you are ready to be the Master Chef!

And with this, we come to the end. I hope this post is really helpful for all of them who want to cook and eat at their hotels and save some moolah!

Watch the whole video here:


  1. Dear Anamika.
    I have seen your video earlier, where you use a yellow griddle. Is the griddle shown above a different one. Have u finally bought a smaller one?
    Anyway, a great and very useful article for the times when u wish to travel abroad, where indian fare is verry difficult to find. Kind Regards.
    T S Barman, Duliajan.


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