Indian pre bridal herbal beauty regime before one week of wedding(4th week)

If you have followed the three weeks regime then this week you only need toning up. If you haven’t read what to do and how to start with your pre bridal beauty regime then follow the following links.

Pre bridal beauty regime part1 (a) of 1st week

Pre bridal beauty regime part 1(b) of 1st week

Pre bridal beauty regime for 2nd week

Pre bridal beauty regime for 3rd week.

Following is the herbal beauty treatment for the 4th and the last week.

Massage-Massage whole your body with almond oil and apply chandan pack after it. To make chandan pack take honey, jasmine oil (chameli ka tel), rose essence (gulab jal), orange peel powder ( dry orange peel under sun for 2-3 days and make its powder in a mixer grinder),almond oil and chandan powder in equal quantity and mix it up. If you find the paste too thick for your skin add more rose essence and if it is to thin then add chandan powder.

Skin-Your skin is totally repaired now and needs more glow and relaxation. Use chandan pack on your skin which you can make at home or can buy it from the market. Get gold facial done after applying the pack.

Meditation– Two days before marriage should only be given to relaxation. Don’t exercise too much or stress yourself a lot in those two days. Sleep as much as you can so that there is a perfect glow on your skin on the D Day.

Waxing-Apply pre waxing aroma therapy lotion .This will make your hair of legs and hand soft. Let it stay for 10 min. Use aromatherapy wax. If you use any of your favorite wax then add few drops of lavender oil or tea tree oil into it. This will help your skin from scratches or scar caused due to waxing. This is an antiseptic oil which save you from dark patches which are caused during waxing.

Get waxing and bleaching done 4 days before marriage and threading 2 days before .

Diet – Drink fruits and vegetable juices once in a day. Take 1 bowl of salad so that your inner system remains clean. If you don’t prefer raw vegetables then eat blanched vegetables. Get trial make up 2 days before marriage so that you and your beautician knows what make up will suit you. Get skin conditioning done.

Get your nails filed properly and apply nail paint on your toe nails but not on your hand nails.

If you have worked hard for all those four weeks then there is no doubt you will be looking your best and everybody will ask about your beauty secrets. Of course people will think it’s the makeup magic but you will only know the reality.



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