Indian Wedding Makeup Trends


Indian Wedding Makeup Trends

Marriage season is back again with the onset of festive season and you must be seeing a lot of bling around with couples getting hitched or preparing for the new journey ahead! Being a bride is certainly one of the most cherished dreams of any girl right from the day she is five and parents love to dress up their doll as brides and how emotions super flow at the imagination of their angel turning into a beautiful bride one day! Well, even if you have never given a thought of getting married one day, the day you are engaged you naturally get all those ideas and looks inspirations as to how you are going to look on you big day and what you yourself start giving a thought to it and eventually preparing for D-day!

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Wedding makeup is certainly a once in a while affair and you do not attempt for such an elaborate makeup or all those heavy jewellery and outfit unless it is your wedding occasion! Even after marriage there are seldom instances when you wish to go all decked up again as your wedding day! So yes! It is that special!

bindi chandan for bengali bride


Moreover, wedding makeup needs to be a long staying one so as to let you go through all the rituals, emotions and hours of engagements with various people around and it is only after a whole 24 hours time that you actually feel a little free to get rid of your makeup!

Indian bridal makeup look

Indian wedding in particular is one exquisite example where you simply cannot stop admiring the final beauty of the bridal makeup! Unlike Christian weddings the bridal look is not simple but speaks more of how a bride should be looking for the once in her lifetime auspicious occasion!


Wedding trends have evolved a lot since many decades and earlier it was mere heavy kohled eyes with red lipstick and traditional Kukum which was used to bring out the natural beauty of the bride, in recent times the trend has got a major overhaul and now it is all about being flawless and looking breathtakingly beautiful with all the corrective steps in applying makeup! From chiseled cheeks to heavy smoky eyes and a ravishing lip color, everything has developed tremendously! Have a look at some of the most recent trends in Indian Wedding Makeup!

Looking Bold and All bright-

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Now it is all about how you can manage to go bold with your looks and with all the camera lenses eager to capture your beautiful bridal look in their frames, you certainly need to look all glowing and bright! The most bold red or oranges have so far been the most favorite shades brides love to wear on their wedding day!

HD Makeup-

Maharastra bride indian bride

Right from using the HD products to using professional services like airbrushed makeup, it is all about how to look very natural in spite of the multiple layers of makeup beneath! HD makeup tends to give that real dimensional look which looks evident in the pictures as well and compliment out heavy outfit and sparkling jewellery!

Getting a Dewy Look-

Kryolan Glamour Glow 8 Color Blush bridal look

Now the trend of being fair and flawless is long gone. It is now more about being naturally pretty with the right amount of makeup and not look like a powder factory! The subtle highlight makes the face glow even when you haven’t applied many layers of makeup and that is what most brides wish for!

Smoked Eye Effect & Winged Eyeliner-

MAC pigment look melon bridal

Now it is more about getting a naturally smokey eye with hues of copper or bronze and pair it with winged eye liner or deep-set heavy kohl on the eyes to make them stand out!

False Eye lashes-


These instantly glam up the bridal look to several notches up and make the eyes look flattering according to the whole getup!

Glitter eyes-


Some brides are even quite enthusiastic to have a glitter based eye makeup with a less pigmented lip color to make their overall makeup subtle yet enticing!

Single Bindi Look-

pink dress makeup

Earlier there was a trend to decorate the entire forehead area with sticker kumkum but now the trend has completely changed and brides love to go for a single Bindi look which might be a simple one or a big round red dot just at the middle of the forehead!

Bridal Accessories-

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Earlier there was mainly the usual gold ornaments which brides used to adorn themselves but now they are opting for a bridal set of accessories which has a single heavy necklace a jhoomer maang tikaa or head piece, along with matching earrings and a big round and simple nose ring!

Well, there are so many other trends but if we start listing them out the post is going to be much more than a wedding makeup one! :-p

Which of the latest Wedding Makeup trends you are fond of?

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