Indola Repair Rinse-Off Treatment Review


Hi All,

I picked this up along with loads of hair care goodies earlier this year when I got the Keratin treatment done along with streaking. The hairdresser who’s a friend of mine highly recommended this and I blindly picked it up. And thank God I did..It’s like a nourishing drink for my hair :).


Indola Repair Rinse Off Treatment review

My experience with Indola Repair Rinse-Off Treatment:-

  • Packaging – This comes in a tub form which I’m not too fond of since it requires me to dip in with my fingers which turns out to be irritating when in the shower.
  • Quantity – 100ml for 225 INR
  • Color & Texture – It is a white conditioner that has a really nice, creamy texture. It has an almost whipped feel such that it doesn’t really feel thick but at the same time doesn’t move around.
  • Indola Repair Rinse Off Treatment review+ indola+ hair mask


I love this…it doesn’t weigh down my hair or make it feel greasy at all. Infact my mane feels lighter and more manageable..Tangles seem more reduced and easily unraveled…which is a boon for a curly haired gal like myself.

What I also like is that it’s easy to wash off..I usually use this as a hair mask and leave it on for about 2hrs or so and then rinse off after shampooing..It washes off easily and my hair feels silky smooth..Cool right?


Indola Repair Rinse Off Treatment review+ indola+ hair conditioner


My recco to all of you would be to grab this the minute you spot it on the shelves. Even though it’s a lesser known brand believe me it works like a dream and your hair does deserve it 🙂


Indola Repair Rinse Off Treatment review+ haircare

What I like about Indola Repair Rinse-Off Treatment

  • I like the clean fragrance
  • Actually does reduce frizz
  • Helps reduce hairfall
  • Pocket friendly
  • Can be used as a hair mask as well as a conditioner
  • My hair feels softer after rinsing this off.
  • Makes the hair soft and non frizzy
  • Cost effective


Indola Repair Rinse Off Treatment review+ indola+ haircare

What I don’t like about Indola Repair Rinse-Off Treatment:

  • Available only in a few stores
  • Contains parabens


Ratings: 5/5

Have you tried Indola Repair Rinse-Off Treatment ?


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