Indola Smooth Serum Finish Review


Hi Girls,

I’ve always have curly, frizzy hair which refused to calm down no matter what. I tried everything from hair hold sprays to Modelling pastes and while they did help for sometime, the novelty wears off, the effects also wear off and I’m again stranded with a bad head of hair. So earlier this year in June, a friend of mine happened to tell me about the Keratin treatment whereby by hair would be smoother, more manageable sans frizz and at the same time would not look poker straight or fake like chemically straightened hair.

indola hair serum review

Bas! Just hearing that there was a chance at salvation was enough..I got the treatment done and I’m extremely happy with it. It’s supposed to last about 6mts…It’s October now and I’m still happy with the results…so far, no frizz...After the treatment, I was given some special shampoo, conditioner and serum to use on my treated hair. The brand suggested to me was Innova Indola which is a subset of Schwarzkoph.

About Indola Smooth Serum Finish

  • Quantity: 100ml
  • Price: INR 350

indola hair serum review+ indola

  • Packaging – This comes in a bronzey pump bottle with a clear lid. I found it to be a lot more sturdy than the L’oreal Liss Ultime serum which I’d been using for 4yrs prior to this. For some odd reason, that one always leaked during travel..This one fortunately doesnot.
  • Texture – Its a clear liquid of a medium consistency. It’s not sticky and doesn;t make my hair greasy at all.

indola hair serum review+ hair serum

  • Fragrance – It has a mild cosmetic fragrance which fades away after a couple of minutes.
  • Usage – I use this after washing and drying my hair. I use about 2 pumps and apply from the mid section to the ends of my hair.

indola hair serum review+ hair detangler

Did it work for me?

Yeps..It does..It isn’t greasy like some serums and adds a lovely shine to my hair. The L’oreal one usually served to de-tangle my hair and keep them a bit smoother…This one adds shine too which is a bonus…It absorbs into my hair quickly and makes my mane look super clean.

indola hair serum review+ innova indola

All in all, I really like this brand and the product and would recommend you to give it a try 🙂

What I like about Indola Smooth Serum Finish:

  • Doesn’t make my hair greasy nor dries them out.
  • Not at all expensive
  • Adds a visible shine to the hair
  • I didn’t notice any increase in split ends or hair fall after this…
  • Hygienic thanks to the pump dispenser
  • Doesn’t leak and is travel friendly

What I don’t like about Indola Smooth Serum Finish:

  • It may not be available easily.

Rating: 4.5/5

Have you tried Indola Smooth Serum Finish?

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  1. wow seems a good one, when i saw this I thought it to be a lil expensive but it’s damn affordable and does a good job too :)) I liked it and will give it a try for sure :yes: thanks for the review zara


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