Inexpensive Diwali Decor Ideas


Inexpensive Diwali Decor Ideas

Diwali is just a week a matter of few more days now and the preparations have already started since weeks. I am really looking forward to doing all the stuff like Rangoli making and decorating the house with diyas and flowers. So here are some of the quick suggestions I would love to share with all of you. Hope you all like it!

Earthen Diyas

Well, Diwali is incomplete without these earthen diyas having a prominent place in Diwali decorations and like very year, this year too I will be using some of the embellished and colorful diyas to decorate each corner of my house on eve of Diwali! Also these are really cheap so one can easily buy them in good numbers to decorate the house.

earthen diya

Light strands

These tiny light strands look really good when these are used insight the house for decoration purposes. I usually put it across the curtain length in my lounge area for the festive effect inside the house. These light strands are quite easily available and hardly cost much which is a great advantage for every body.

light strands

Hanging & Wall Lamps-

This is a must try decor option for Diwali and all the year around as these hanging and wall lamps give a dramatic look to the room and the overall appearance of the house is changed altogether with these decor options.

ceiling lamps


Flowers are particularly used in the Laxmi Puja on Diwali and apart from that these are also used to decorate the entrance area of houses. These gives a fragrant atmosphere to the house and these look really amazing and enhance the decor of the house.

flower decor


A prominent part of Diwali celebration is surely the traditional rangoli that is made at the entrance of the house. Nowadays many types of rangoli are famous and so this year I have planned to make one with colors and flower petals.



The latest decor items this festive occasion are wallpapers which are really getting popular as they take the wall decor to another level and catch everyone’s attention. Traditional, abstract and many more designs are readily available which can be used.

wall decor ideas


Certain handicraft items like lamp hangings, mirror hangings can also enhance the home decor to an elevated level. Some of the handicrafts can be easily prepared at home so if you have interest you don’t need to buy ready made stuff and you can make them yourself at home.



Festive themed curtains which are sheer and have embroidered texture are also quite popular among people to give a new look to the lounge area of their house. Changing the curtains itself gives a renovated new look and it can also be chosen as an easy home decor option keeping your budget in mind.


Ornamental Plants-

There are certain plants which make your house look quite unique with the other home decor items. Bonsai and other show plants really make a great impression on the guests and you are surely going to receive compliments for you thoughtful appraoch for home decor!

ornamental plants

Well, these were few inexpensive decor items that are generally being used by people at home!

What are you trying this Diwali?

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