Inexpensive ways to make eye primer

Many of us have hard time in keeping our eye make up intact. Smudging and smearing are a common problem when it comes to eye makeup especially in monsoon season when the humidity level is quite high.
Easy way to let your eye makeup stay throughout the day is to apply a small amount of baby powder on to the top eyelids by using a cotton square.
After applying the powder apply small amount of concealer on top of the powder. Use concealer which matches your skin tone.
Powder absorbs the excess oil from the skin. This makes the makeup stay for long time and will not smudge or smear.
If you are going to apply eye shadow on the brow bone also then do not forget to apply the powder and concealer there as well.

You can make your own eye shadow primer at home too:-

Just take a jar or a small empty bottle and pour in some liquid foundation in it (Add small amount of it).Now take some thick lotion or body butter and mix the both in the jar until there are no lumps left.
Your eye primer is ready to be used.You can use your finger or brush to apply it on your eye lid.
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