Inglot 03 Lip Defence Treatment Review


Inglot Lip Balm 03 Review


Many high end beauty brands do come out with their lip treatment every now and then and one does get tempted:P .Albeit I didn’t know that something like this exist in Inglot until when Inglot sent the product for review purpose.

I initially the word lip defence confused me but later on I realized  that it is sort of a lip balm only.I have been testing this since a month so it seems like a day for its review 🙂

About Inglot 03 Lips Defence Treatment

  • Hydrated the lips and prevents them from drying
  • Regenerate damaged skin
  • Vitamin E and evening primrose have nourishing and hydrating function
  • The unique compound of acai fruit oil and pomegranate seeds oil guarantees regeneration of dry and irritated skin.

The colours:-

01 – Without aroma, transparent, it is also recommended for men.

02- Lipstick raspberry flavored.It gives delicate colour to the lips.

03- SPF 25, Lipstick vanilla flavoured,it gives a delicate colour to the lips,


Price – Not sure about the price .It’s not available on Inglot website as well  nor it is mentioned on the lip balm packaging.



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  • Packaging – Comes in a white plastic lipstick kind of packaging and has a orange colour cap .It has it shade written at its bottom and one tube contains 3.3gm of the product.It’s hygienic and travel friendly indeed.


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My experience with Inglot Lip Defence Treatment :-


It’s a parabean free balm and is quite hydrating .It doesn’t have any sort of tint but good thing about is that I don’t get this greasy feeling when I applied it.In the current temperature in my part of the world which is around 37 degree it is melting badly which is creating problem because it is thick and doesn’t glide on to my lips.Like a cream it stick to my lips and I have to use my finger to spread it out.

For dry and chapped lips its a great product but it gives that pale look to my lips therefore I avoid wearing it alone.I generally dab it before applying a hot pink lipstick shade which mix up the colour an even outs my lips.

It has bubble gum fragrance and is tasteless .I liked the fragrance which motivated me every now and then to use it again.It has SPF 25 which is definitely the best thing about it.


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It’s a nude peach shade and you can see how thick it is when swatched once which gives ghastly appearance.


Inglot 03 Lip defence treatment swatches+Inglot lips+Inglot lip defense


Recommendations – If you have extremely dry and pink lips and need a good SPF lip balm then it might work for you but personally I didn’t like it.The thick sticky texture and the shade is not something which I prefer in my lip balms.


Wise She Rating – 2.5/5

  • Hydrating – 5/5
  • Texture – 2.5/5

Product sent by company for consideration but it has not affected my review.


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  1. Nice review, Now days i totally avoid balms that need to be applied with fingers, since I reapply them every hour :), and instantly use keyboard.
    one day I got the eva wala tint on my white Tshirt that was really embarrassing 🙁

  2. i am looking out for a new lip balm since i have got bored of my maybelline..though the packaging looks nice but it didnt tempt me enough 😛 any other suggestions for a good non sticky lip balm?


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