Inglot 12S Lip Brush Review


Hi All,

 A lot of us went mad during the sale season at the start of this year and as a shopoholic as claimed by everyone around me, I too picked up a couple of things. As you guys well know by now, I picked up a few lip refill pans this time and realised that I didn’t have a good lip brush to go along with it. Now I admit I do own some lip brushes but none of them are travel friendly since the bristles remain uncovered and have to be wiped and sanitised everytime I pick it up. I wanted something which I could travel with  and not worry about hygiene constantly. And Voila!! this was the hunt which resulted in my buying the Inglot 12S brush 🙂

Inglot makup brush 12s review + inglot lipstick

Just so you know, Inglot also has another lip brush which is pointed; incase you prefer those. But I’m pretty comfy with the flatter one..

About the Inglot 12S Lip Brush:-

  • Price: INR 880
  • Packaging: This brush comes in a plastic casing and contains both the sections: the brush which is afixed to a wooden base and the metal lid which can also be attached to form a handle for the brush. All in all, its very compact and one can slip it easily into their purse or pockets during travel.

Inglot makup brush 12s review + ingot cosmetics

  • Bristle Texture: The bristles made of sable and are very closely packed. They are quite firm which makes it easy to apply the lipstick but thankfully they are soft as well.
  • Bristle Quality (Bleeding & Shedding): I’ve washed this brush twice till now and there’s been no bleeding. However, 1-2 hairs did shed but that’s not really alarming.

Inglot makup brush 12s review + inglot 12s

  • Washing & Drying: Thankfully, this brush dries pretty quickly within 4-5hrs. I use conditioner on it as well to keep the bristles soft and smooth.
  • Handling: The brush is quite easy to handle and one has the option of using the brush with the base alone or with the lid which can also be used as a handle.

Inglot makup brush 12s review + inglot travel

  • Useability: This brush is quite easy to use but yes, it did taken me a while to get used to since I’d always used the pointed brushes before. It does take a while to get used to it but it’s also more convenient since the flatter brush means more product and faster application.

Inglot makup brush 12s review + inglot lip

Pros: Inglot 12S Lip Brush:-


  • Soft yet firm bristles which make it easy to use.
  • Picks up a good amount of product to apply.
  • Perfect for travelling
  • Dries quickly
  • Doesn’t shed much and no bleeding
  • The lid is quite solid and not flimsy like the plastic ones which come along with most lip brushes
  • Can be use with or without the handle as per your convenience

Cons:Inglot 12S Lip Brush:-

  • 880 bucks is quite a lot to shell out for a lip brush….One can buy 2-3 blush refills with that amount!


Inglot makup brush 12s review + lip brush


  • Packaging: 5/5
  • Shedding/ Bleeding: 5/5
  • Useability: 4/5
  • Value of Money: 4/5

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  1. Nice too wantd to buy a few brushes..but didnt know which. Picked up a blush brush in the inglot store..but that was 2.5k 😯 so chucked it. :laugh:

  2. Vini lip brushes are majorly t be hygeinic while applying makeup to self n others..warna I feel it makes it a bit easy t draw the lip borders…

    Also I like using lip brushes for concealing..especially spot concealing..superbly it works..

  3. Hey Pari..I like BnD brushes too but find that a lot of them have alotta fallout..but yes, they r super soft and easy t work with…not t mention easy on d pocket 🙂

  4. Zara..i have 2 pointy lip brushes but never liked them much. used to get impatient while applying…this looks great and so expensive..wish it was 400 bucks cheaper… 😉

    • Haha.. I kno..I myself don’t Wana buy the refills only coz of the jhamela..buti was buying them for friends as gifts and couldn’t resist making a palette for myself..and I didn’t have a lip brush I cud take around with me…hence the purchase…and I’m loving it!!

      Me too wish it were cheaper tho…but all hail sale time!! 😉

  5. Zeee….. more than the brush me likes the setting of the brush 😀 😀
    I cant wait to see reviews of your Inglot loot!!! I guess its become a favourite among us 🙂 🙂

  6. Ufff..poor brush got sidelined by d lotus…bechaara 😉

    That’s true..coz of their discounts, I think practically all of us scrambles t chk it out and try it…did u try anythin?

  7. I got blush, couple of lip pan and couple of eyeshadows!!!
    I was low on budget 🙁 🙁 Warna I had plans to buy more ….. wwwaaaaaahhhhh!!
    I wish the 30% sale would come back soon


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