Inglot 22 T Concealer Brush Review


Inglot 22 T Concealer Brush

Hi Wise ladies… This is my first review on Wise She. I was thinking very hard so as to do the review of which product? Every time I thought of any product for review and use the search option in this blog…I find the review was there with all its glory. That made me think how big this blog is…it covers almost 90% of the products available in the market. With much difficulty I discovered some products in my vanity bag, the reviews of which are not here in our beloved blog. One such product is Inglot 22T Concealer Brush about which I will write here today.

Inglot 22T Concealer Brush

Last year I’ve to attend the marriage of my cousin at Pakistan and we all girls in the family were shopping like crazy and insane creatures, each one of us wanted to put her best foot forward. Some body was buying jewellery, someone else was splurging on dresses and shoes and somebody (read me) was hunting for makeup products, as Iam a Wise She addict, and like most of the other ladies here I always look for an excuse to shop for makeup products and accessories :-).

I have very light under eye circles..though they are not noticeable yet don’t go well with rest of my fair skin tone. To hide them I purchased Inglot creame concealer in shade no 29 (but sadly that was dark for my skin tone, my under eye circles look more prominent after applying it,guess it was fault of lighting that I selected wrong shade for me). The Sales Assistant insisted to get a Concealer Brush also for professional touch in concealer application. I was more inclined to get a Mac brush but one Indian girl inside me screame- Dumbo compare the price..get an Inglot one instead. So I laid my hands upon this beauty, lets see how it fared on me.

Inglot Website’s Product Description:

Handle: Wood,

Hair/Fiber: Taklon (synthetic).

No further description available.

Price: INR 850/- per brush.

What it is for?

As the name suggest, it is a concealer brush. Use it for applying creame or liquid concealer precisely and neatly.

My say about Inglot 22T Concealer Brush:

This brush has a matt black wooden handle, with Inglot and brush number engraved in white colour. Bristles are of orange colour and this combo of black and orange looks very appealing and classy. The brush has a rounded  pear shaped bristle shape that fits the contour of smaller areas on your face and allows us to buff concealer into spots that need it. The bristles are soft firm and dense. It does a good job of buffing product in and never ever gives that streaky or patchy finish to my concealer under my eyes.

Inglot 22T Brush

The end result is a flawless under eye area with an even layer of concealer having smooth and dry finish. All I do is to dip the tip of this brush in concealer and carefully work my way around the under eye areas to apply the concealer. It simply pick just the required amount of concealer- so no product wastage and I pat it gently on my under eye area so as to even out the concealer. It helps in seamlessly blending my concealer in absolutely no time at all.

Inglot Concealer Brush

All in all a very good product, Iam glad that I have chosen it, but sadly since last year after that marriage I’ve not used it much. Thanx to my flawless and well behaving skin ( touchwood), I don’t need a concealer so obviously, no brush to apply it also.:-)

What I like about about Inglot 22 T concealer Brush:-

  • Bristles are soft and dense so there is more control over the brush and the amount of product you use. No shedding of bristles either.
  • Easy to use.
  • Helps in precise and neat application of concealer.
  • Never feels scratchy.
  • Blends the concealer perfectly.
  • Its from Inglot :-*

What I don’t like about Inglot 22 T Concealer Brush:-

  • Its pricey dude.
  • I don’t get the chance to use it often…o my I want at least a blemish or two to use this beauty 😉

Rating: 5/5- A very good blending and concealer brush.

Will I repurchase it:

I don’t need a concealer brush, so may be during my next trip to Ingot store I’ll purchase a blusher brush instead, pakke se… Inglot accessories are worth the hype :-* :-* :-* :-*

Have you tried Inglot 22 T Concealer Brush?

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  1. Is it just me or does a concealer brush look like an eyeshadow brush? The one people use to pack pigment onto the lids?
    I don’t use concealers just BB cream and at best a medium coverage foundation. Excuse the questions as ramblings of a confused mind. :p

  2. Lol Nivanya u r rt.. it look similar to eyeshader brush 😛

    I never used any inglot brushes but did touched them at stores 😛 they r superb soft yet pricey :/ 🙁

    I am happy with my real technique brushes 🙂

  3. never tried a concealer.. concealer brush is out of question… not that i have clear skin around eye area. but never gave it a thought.

  4. haha…you want a blemish so that you can use this….but better idea, give it away to me ..i have ample blemishes and would make such good use of this 😛

  5. hehhe…a blemish or two to use it…!!!!
    anyways I too wanna try inglot accessories! every time i see a brush on any blog my hunger to own them increases, which also dies very soon!
    But this time i have made up my mind! ” I WILL BUY IT!!!” 🙂


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