Inglot AMC Matte Collection Lip Pencil 23 Review & Swatches


Inglot AMC Matte Collection Lip Pencil 23 Review 

Hello friends,

You can clearly see I cannot get enough of lipsticks. I do not need another reason to buy them except that I like them. 😛 So, this one is again one of my favourites and you should definitely be checking out this range. Scroll down.


Inglot AMC Lip Pencil 23


About Inglot AMC Matte Collection Lip Pencil 23:-

Medium hard, matte jumbo pencil. Great staying power makes it an alternative for lip liner used by professionals for colouring lips. Moisturising properties achieved by the complex of lanoline substitutes and avocado butter. PARABEN FREE FORMULA NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS 4.5g/0.16 US OZ

  • Price: INR 800


Inglot Matte Lip Pencil 23


My experience about Inglot AMC Matte Collection Lip Pencil 23 :

Though this is not a time to collect matte lipsticks but what do you do when you spot a pretty brick pink shade of matte lipstick calling out to you at this ever beautiful Inglot store? Well, I console my mind saying that “Buddy, I will use a lip balm underneath or above it and the problem will be solved. You don’t have to think so much, just pick it up” And… I bring the lipstick home. 😛


Inglot Lip Pencil 23


(Free tip: you can try saying the same thing to your dad, mom, boyfriend or husband too)

So now that I own it, I would start talking about its packaging first. It is thicker than a lip pencil and thinner than a lipstick which means it is designed to serve both the purposes. It comes with the twist up mechanism (thank god I do not have to sharp it; I am already lazy in winters). There is a sharpener at the end of the lip pencil which can be detached and used to achieve a pointed tip when you wish to use it as a lip liner. Very very thoughtful brains have worked into its making, don’t you think?


Inglot Lip Pencil Sharpner


The shade is a brick pink as I said above and is absolutely matte in texture. The pencil is very well pigmented but it takes a little more time to fill in the whole lips owing to the lesser diameter of the pencil tip. In the swatch, I have worn it without using the lip balm, so that you can see how matte it is. This shade and matte finish makes it a perfect day time lipstick for work places.

Since it is matte it stays for a long time and even survives a meal. So that makes it a good option for places where I do not have time to worry about the lipstick.

Inglot AMC Matte Collection Lip Pencil 23 Swatches:


Inglot AMC Matte 23 HandSwatch

Inglot AMC Matte 23 LipSwatch


Price wise, I think Inglot delivers superb quality in medium high prices. In fact it does not seem high to me anymore. When onions can cost you 150/kg, a good paraben free lipstick is not high priced at 800. What do you think?

What I like about Inglot AMC Matte Collection Lip Pencil 23 :

  • Thoughtful packaging.
  • Works both as a lipstick as well as a lip liner.
  • Has a small free sharpener along.
  • Pretty brick pink shade.
  • Stays for long.
  • Has no offensive smell.
  • Paraben free.

What I dislike about Inglot AMC Matte Collection Lip Pencil 23:

  • Availability may be an issue for some.

Rating: 4.5/5

Overall, I think they have made a very good two in one combo of liner and lipstick in matte finish. If you like matte lipsticks you should definitely check these out.

Have you tried Inglot AMC Matte Collection Lip Pencil 23 ?

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    • Thanks Maitri.. yeah colorbar have very good shades this time.. but I would prefer this one because of the packaging as Anamika said and also because it is easier to use these as a lipstick.. 🙂

  1. looks lovely, amazing shade, i dont much prefer matte, all time i use a gloss when wearing matte or else i look very ill n all 😀

  2. The colour looks stunning and so does your lip swatch! I think you just convinced me to try this lipstick and my dad might just come hunting for you soon for convincing me about the same… :p


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