Inglot Cream Blush 84: Review and Swatches


The review I will be doing is of a product, which might look great on some, but does not look so great on me. This blush along with a few other stuff were gifted to me by a friend a while back when she was doing her MA abroad, and I told her what to get for me from their range, by looking at the site. 

I was so in love with the color that it was ridiculous.


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Inglot Cream Blush 84 Review+ inglot cream blush


The color was a lovely shade and I HONESTLY thought it would be darker. So I picked it up. However, though I can find NO FAULTS with the blush in general, I somehow dislike the color itself. That is the precise reason, why, even after more than a year or so, this blush has stayed so intact.

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Inglot Cream Blush 84 Review+ inglot blush

  • Price: 750/-
  • Quantity: 5.5 gm.

The problem that I have faced with the product is a dud for me. The reason is simple. My skintone just does not get this color. The swatches show it is a matte-pink with beige hints in it, and that is just fine. But I believe that this blush would suit someone with a pinker skin tone than me.

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Inglot Cream Blush 84 Review+ inglot blush+ inglot


I am going to swatch this on my hand and show you why I don’t like it once again. The problem with this product is – it’s too … well…. too pink for my warm, yellow skin tone. If you look at the drops of the blush on my hand, you would see how the color stands out. When I apply it on my face, it looks like I have used too much lacto calamine, if you know what I mean.


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Inglot Cream Blush 84 Review + inglot swatches

Inglot Cream Blush 84 Review + inglot blush swatches


See what I mean? That is the problem with my skin tone. My best friend, on the other hand, with a pinkish toned skin, looks perfect with it. I was so jealous when she showed me how great it looked on her face, giving her a gently flushed look. This blush is just gorgeous on a pink tinged or pale white skin. You can check that by seeing my pale palm being subjected to the color.

About Inglot Cream Blushes:

“Jojoba oil, nylon and a complex mixture of Spherical porous and non porous particles gives this light and creamy formula its velvet finish on all skin types.”

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Inglot Cream Blush 84 Review


Overall, I find this blush to be affordable, travel-friendly, easy to blend (okay, for a cream blush I do not like blending it with a brush, I prefer my ring finger instead) and very easy to apply as well. I love the color in general, and the beautiful texture of it. It is so easy to blend! I also love the fact that it has no shimmers in it, and so, can be worn anytime. It has amazing staying power, around 5-7 hours easily, but still goes away if you are using a regular cleanser on it. So yes, I would give it my thumbs up for all these qualities. However, the shade 92 from the cream blush selection, which is more on the brownish side is way better for me, personally. If you check, Inglot in India has not got this color at the site, but does have the shade 92 and 90 which are both close dupes. It has never broken me out yet, so yay there too! Also, all Inglot products are Paraben-Free. So, I will give this color a major thumbs up and rate it 4/5 since it is a great blush, but not a great color.

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Inglot Cream Blush 84 Review + inglot cream blush swatches

Why I like Inglot Cream Blush 84

  • Excellent staying power
  • Travel-friendly
  • Does not break me out
  • Smooth and airy texture
  • Paraben-free

Why I don’t like Inglot Cream Blush 84

  • Color

Verdict: 4/5

Overall Verdict: I have bought more blushes from Inglot, both cream and powder, so that sort of says it all, doesn’t it?

Have you tried the Inglot Cream Blush in 84?

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