Inglot Dry & Shine Nail Drops Review



Inglot Dry & Shine Nail Drops

“A woman is helpless till her nail polish dries.” ~ Quote

Well, No. Not anymore. 😉 With technology leaping fast towards the future, why should we be stuck with Stone Age nail polishes that are way too much time consuming? Amidst all the fast drying formulas these days, it just happens at times when you set your heart on a specific shade that no matter how long the drying period takes up your time, you just wait and wait. Now you can say no to compromises. Presenting an easy solution for all lacquer lovers and it is the Inglot Dry & Shine Nail Drops.


Inglot Dry & Shine Nail Drops


About Inglot Dry & Shine:

Shining silicones make nail enamel dry faster providing a longer lasting, higher gloss finish.


Paraben Free

Price: 600 INR (9 ML/0.30 US FL OZ)


Dry & Shine Nail Drops Inglot


My take on Inglot Dry & Shine Nail Drops:

The packaging is very clean yet simple. It comes packed in a transparent bottle with a white lid and a dropper attached to it. It is not travel friendly since the bottle is made out of glass and not plastic. The mechanism is similar to that of an eyedropper.

How to apply: Apply one drop to each of freshly applied polished nails. And Viola! Super glossy and dried nails in just a few seconds knowing the fact that I had used one such nail enamel, which took forever to dry.


Inglot Dry Shine Nail Drops


Pigmentation: Zero pigmentation yet glossy nails. It is a clear solution. The nail color wont be affected by it in any way.

Texture: The solution is thin and transparent. The consistency is off course runny but it doesn’t affect the purpose. A dropper is added to take care of it.

Staying power: After application, it can withstand almost anything without smudging or chipping. I have used it several times so I can guarantee that it works magical on absolute crappy nail polish as well. 😛

What I like about on Inglot Dry & Shine Nail Drops:

  • Clean packaging
  • Good price
  • Glossy finish
  • Quick drying
  • No chipping

What I don’t like about on Inglot Dry & Shine Nail Drops:

  • Not travel friendly because of the glass packaging

Rating: 4.5/5

Have you tried Inglot Dry & Shine Nail Drops?

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