Inglot Eyeshadows AMC Shine 11,Pearl 419, Matte 376, 378 Review & Swatches


Inglot Eyeshadows (AMC shine 11, Pearl 419, Matte 376, 378) Swatches & Review:-

Hello Everyone,

Before I get down to reviewing the 4 Inglot shadows that I own let me give you a little basic information about their products in the eyeshadow department.

They have an ‘AMAZING’ range of colours that are quite pigmented, offer good coverage, blend easily and go on smoooothly.  It’s basically high quality stuff – affordably priced.  Firstly, you can buy most of the shadows in a little pot with a cap that you can screw off.  It contains 2 gms of product and it costs Rs. 560.  Secondly you get to buy the shadows in little pans called refills. The shadows come both in a square and round refill pans.  Unfortunately matte and rainbow shadows only come in square refill pans.

 Eye shadows come in the following textures and finish:

  1. AMC(Advanced Makeup Component) – It is matte with shimmer
  2. AMC Shine – With this finish you will get a metallic sheen and shimmer
  3. D.S. (Double Sparkle) – This is a matte finish which has shimmer of different colours in it
  4. Matte
  5. Pearl – The finish has a pearly sheen to it

Lets understand ‘magnetic’ and ‘non-magnetic’ palettes. The ‘Palette’ will store your refills without them getting damaged.

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inglot freedom system eyeshadow+inglot eyeshaow swatches

 The ‘Non Magnetic’ palette is black and compact.  It opens up to reveal a mirror that is as big as your case.  It’s classy to look at and easy to carry in your vanity case.

As for ‘Magnetic’ pallettes well they look classier but lack a mirror because you see they are built differently.  The palette has an independant cover and base.  The cover is not attached to the base with hinges but clings on due to small strong magnets on all four sides of both the cover and the base. You cannot lift the glass cover off, you have to slide it off.

 The cover is made of frosted glass and has the Inglot logo all over for a design. Although it’s glass it’s quite sturdy but the downside is, it’s heavy.  Glass makes it possible to see what colour is in each palette without having to open it.  You can stack one on top of the other too. The refills can be depotted by touching the frosted glass’s (cover) magnet to the refill’s side/pan.  Do it carefully so u don’t damage the product inside the pan.

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 Round palettes:

 3 refills storage – Rs. 300 non magnetic

5 refills storage – Rs. 350 non magnetic

 10 refills storage – Rs. 1400 magnetic

20 refills storage – Rs. 2400 magnetic

 Square palettes:

 5 refills storage – Rs. 850 magnetic

10 refills storage – Rs. 1400 magnetic

20 refills storage – Rs. 2800 magnetic

 Square palettes are costlier because the square refill has more product than a round refill although both round and square refills retail individually for Rs. 300 each!  You pay for the additional product through the palette. Smart eh?

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Now that you are well aware of the terminology lets go to second base.

Inglot has what is called the ‘Freedom System’.  Let me break it down step by step:

  • First, choose the colours you like.
  • Second, decide if you want individual pots or refills
  • Third, If you choose refill then decide on the shape of your pan – Round or Square.
  • Fourth,  buy the palette according to the type, shape and number of refills you’ve chosen.

You may have 3 round refills and 1 square refill so then you will have to get a 3 or 5 round palette – non magnetic and a 5 square palette minimum – magnetic.

Downside well, the refills are sold by the palette only and not individually. So remember to take your palette with you when you are going to buy more refills. First cause if there’s place to fill more refills then why buy another palette and second if you dont want more palettes but only want the refills then de-pot the refills and take the palette there!!!  Trick Trick Trick

Eyeshadow quantities – 2.7gms in a square pan > 1.5gms in a round pan.

I have the following colours:

Inglot eyeshadow AMC shine 11:-

AMC shine 11 swatched+inglot eyeshaow swatches

It’s a light gold colour with shimmer. Has plenty of fall out and you need to put alot of it for it to show.  It looks nice as a neutral colour also.  It will show on fair as well as dark skin tones.

Pearl 419

419 Pearl inglot eyeshadow+inglot eyeshaow swatches

It’s an olive green with a subtle gold sheen that gives a shimmery finish.  On fair skin it really shows nicely but on dark tones it looks like gold only.  Green is nice for brown eyes and I love it.

Inglot Eyeshadow  Matte 376:-

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376 matt inglot eyeshadow+inglot eyeshadow swatches

Its a cool toned, very pigmented, dark grey, matte with purple undertones that glides on  to the skin effortlessly.  I guess this colour too suits both skin tones.  I use it as a neutral colour cause I don’t know to blend 2 or more colours;

but for those of you who do and like the smoky look, this is definately for you.

Eye Shadow 378 – Rs 680 for 2.0 gms:-

Inglot eyeshaow 378 Matt swatch+inglot eyeshaow swatches

This soft orange shadow I love very much because I use this as a base/concealer/highlighter over my eyelids.  It cancels all the tiredness / darkness on the lids making my eyes look very fresh and in turn -  the entire face.  I wear this colour with any look and under all my colours because it really doesn’t look orange but kinda evens out the skin tone beautiful.  This of course will show and look best on fair to wheatish skin tones. Apply it with your fingers or a brush….but be gentle when you use a brush or you may have some loose powder on the surface.

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Inglot has a promotion right now.  If you shop for Rs. 5000 you will get a ‘Prestige Card’ that entitles you to 15% discount on any future purchase for an entire year!

Their new ‘RAINBOW’ collection is only availiable in a square refill at Rs. 450 each

Inglot eyeshaow 378 Matt

Inglot eyeshaow 378 Matt+inglot eyeshaow swatches

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Pros of Inglot Eyeshadows:

  • AMAZING range of colours and textures to suit everyone
  • Very good quality
  •  Paraben Free
  •  Not tested on animals
  •  Affordable
  • Easily availiable online
  • Pigmented

 Cons of Inglot Eyeshadows:-

  • Not every state in India has a store.
  • Access to online shopping is the only next option.
  • Extra expense with the palette

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    • non magnetic refiils r very gud ana 😀 … d ones on website are darn costly n nuthing spl abt dem.. :zombiekiller:

        • i will send u when i go to kolkata.. dey r literally lootofying us selling dose overprice magnetic ones.. d only diff is non magnetic has a black cover instead of glass n it has mirror also :zombiekiller:

    • magnetic refills are very stylish and a big big hit in the states…..its also not so expensive there and people dont mind paying for that extra classiness. Here rich or poor all of us are on a budget or trying to make paisa vasoooooooooli outta everything from maid to makeup.

      Inglots prices are not stable n they are kinda hiking the prices on a regular basis now cause they have earned the status of being affordable n almost hi end.

        • its not abt paisa vasool dont mind paying extra for thing which luks gud but dey shld market both d palletes not only one d one which is pricer..thts just my opinion.. i luv inglot be iits high end or affordable 🙂

            • u are good woman if u dont do kan – juicy. ………there are very few like u….and thats just a small thing. the battering of the maids is the worst. but Im sure u wont belive me.

              • noop i believe u..i have seen tht. i used to help in a ngo. ppl need to change deir thinking..even maids r human beings

  1. i LOVE Chris’s review.. she explains everything so thoroughly…great review..CHRIS! :hug-makeup:

    N i :inlove: the pearl one! :yippee: :lipstick:

  2. I toh recently made a magnetic palette at home and that too it costs less than 100 bucks and can easily store 15 to 18 inglot round refills n 12 to 13 inglot square refills!

    loving 378 a lot! def getting it as it will even out my dark eyelids!

    thanks for sharing christina!

    • I read ur post on that! Loved the idea… superb. I anyhow feel its a waste of money to pay for the pallete! come on!

  3. Thanks ladies….Ya Anamika u were right bout the the motherly thing….it’s like every where I find a classroom and I feel like teaching everyone everything I know….the teacher in me jumps up all the time….sometimes its good…otherwise it can be taken as over smart or nosy 🙁

  4. Love the review, and I agree with the motherly thing. She is so caring that she just steals ur heart in a single conversation. Very few people have this ability. As always, loved the review. Very informative. Loved 419 and 378 :D. kaisi ho Chris bahan???:P

    • Thanks upasana …of late i seem to be finding that all the women here have blogs….ures is makeup passion?

  5. ooh! nice post and super informatice Chris…i also wondered alotta times wot d finishes meant!

    I do love this freedom system…and d shadows r also so pocket friendly 🙂

  6. very detailed review… both on the products and about inglot too… thanku so much Christina.. this will be very helpful to everyone out here… :kissing:

    so even while shopping online.. can’t we buy just the refills & not the palette? pls do let know….

  7. Revathy, online u can buy just the refillsssss. But the draw back is with the palettes…non magnetic are not sold on the site…This is really smart internet marketing…who ever has done this knows all the nooks n crannies of a womans mind !

      • non magnetic is better bai. Like ure powder compact. open use and shut. non magnetic ones u gotta slide this and that and naka saiba. expensive and unwanted. 5 ka non magnetic is best. tell someone from mumbai to get for u…..or I will courier 4 u if u want.

        • na…maje kadein ek pallete aasa…magnetic…i usually always buy magnetic coz m very bulakkad…keep dropping things and things slide outta my magnetic the pots cant slide around so i can be less worried…or so i thot.. 😉


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