Inglot Face Powder Blush 40 Photos & Swatches


Inglot Powder Blush – Shade 40 

I wanted to try out a golden shimmer blush so thought of opting Inglot from their recent Inglot sale.I am really happy  that I got it though yet to use it fully so before I do that thought of sharing some pics with you .


Inglot Face blush 40 review and swatches


Packaging of this one is different from the shade 58 which I got recently .


Inglot Face blush 40 photos and swatches


Ingredients :-


Inglot Face blush 40 ingredients


  • Price – INR 720 (I got it at 30% discount)


It has golden shimmer in it which I absolutely love:) It doesn’t look too shiny because of the micro shimmer blush in it.


Inglot Face blush 40 swatches


Swatches in different lights


Inglot Face blush 40 powder blushes


Will show you the blush with a full face after more testing:)


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  1. These days I’m also so into blushes. Even if I do not wear any makeup at all, I would just brush on a little blush. The color is fab. These kind of shades complement pour skintones. I think I know a dupe

    • and whats that Nivedita…i think there could be many similar shade blushes but it wins at it smoothness and micro shimmer quality.:)

      how was Diwlai Nivedita 🙂

      • Ha. That was great. Lots of things. If you have time let’s have a mail chat someday.
        I think Faces Burnt Sienna is very close to this. of course there would be some diff. Good things always comes at a price.
        how was your Diwali? I was out of station for a very very long time

        • i have swatches faces burnt sienna the kind of shimmer which it has is missing in that one..

          My Diwali was gr8 and I was wondering where u have been..good to c u back…will surely catch up on mails some time 🙂

  2. jus wanna kno…wat is the shelf life of a blush? my TBS blush is suddenly makin me look all ashy. am wonderin if its bcoz ive had it for a really long time :-/

  3. nahi re A…switty will raid ur stash first…my stash only has blush…but urs has blush AND e/s..and switty loved e/s more…hahaahaaaaahaaaa!!!!


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