Inglot Freedom System Blush Shade 27 Review & Swatches


Inglot Freedom System Blush Shade 27 – Review, Swatches

 Hi All,

 Most of you know about my blush craze and how many blushes I hoarded during Diwali month. I bought a bunch of stuff from Inglot during that time thanks to their sale which made everything so accessible and I desperately wanted to try their Freedom System blushes since they have been gaining a lot of popularity.

 This shade is the first one I started using thanks to my affinity toward Pink…. 🙂

Inglot Freedom System Blush 27 review + inglot blush

The site doesn’t mention anything about the product in details nor does it mention the ingredients which is weird when the brand in question is quite large and well known…But Ah-Well…I don’t mind much since the product is amazing enough to make me forget all that!

  • Price: INR 350
  • Quantity: 6.5 gms (although the site mention 7gms)

My take on the Inglot Freedom system blush in No.27:

  • Packaging:This is a refill pan which comes in a rectangular form and is packaged in a plastic casing which is quite sturdy. However, these powders are quite soft so I’d advice you to transfer them to a palette as soon as you can…especially if you are as clumsy as I am!
  • Color : This is a pretty pink color which is very obviously pink..but the twist is that it has the tiniest tinge of Peach which warms up the shade instantly. In the pan, it looked a bit shimmery to be, but there is no visible shimmer on application.

Inglot Freedom System Blush 27 review + blush face

  • Texture:The texture is very smooth and velvety. This also does mean that there is some fallout; but nothing alarming. This blush is also very easy to blend and buff out.
  • Pigmentation: This shade is ridiculously pigmented. Even if I just put my finger on the pan and turn over, the color that transfers is so much and a single swipe is enough to pinken my skin!
  • Staying Power: This blush lasts a long long time…approx 7-8hrs.

Inglot Freedom System Blush 27 review + inglot

  • Application: I just dip the top of a round blush brush into the pan, tap off the excess and then apply in circles from the apples of my cheeks towards the hairline. Its a very mild and baby pink and its not likely that one can go overboard with this.
  • Cost & Logic:If you think about it, these refill pans cost just 350bucks whereas the individual pots cost 720bucks per piece. An empty palette can be found anywhere…you can house it in an empty MAC palette, a Coastal Scents Palette or even alone in its plastic casing for easy of storage which would at the max cost 1500 bucks…and and this the max! And any palette can very easily house about 9-10 such refill pans. So the approx total cost would be approx 5000bucks.

And if you go out and buy each pot individually, When I make the calculations accordingly, 10 blushes would amount to 7200 bucks! Not to mention the storage space which these would eat into…So in the long run, these refills are definitely the way to go.

And I would also like to mention that in no way does the quality of the refill differ from the pots.

Here’s what the swatch looks like:

Inglot Freedom System Blush 27 review + buy inglot blushes

And this is what it looks like when blended:

Inglot Freedom System Blush 27 review + inglot makeup

What I love about Inglot Freedom system blush in No.27:

  • Superb pigmentation
  • Velvety texture is totally outta this world
  • Blends like a dream
  • This shade of pink is a must have for every one of us.
  • Refills save alotta space
  • Cost effective
  • A zillion shades to choose from! (figuratively ofcourse)
  • Paraben Free
  • Not tested on animals

What ticks me off about Inglot Freedom system blush in No.27:

  • Since it is a loose pan, you would need an empty palette to house it


  • Pigmentation: 5/5
  • Packaging: 4.5/5
  • Staying Power: 4.5/5
  • Availability: 4.5/5


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  1. Zara i have ordered this one reeee !! :yippee: :yippee: :dance-left-right: i’m happy i trusted my instinctsssss whoooooppieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :yippee: :dance-left-right: :yippee: waiting for it to arrive :clap: :rock-n-roll: :drunk: luuuuvvvllllly shade :rose: :heart: :star: :cake: :pizza:

  2. i got a mini heart attack n went to heaven… blissssssssssss O:-) O:-) O:-) dis is most natural luking blushhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

  3. Zaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. . . I am ignorant on blushes . . . So want you to tell me some blushes for me both day time and night time blushes. something subtle not obvious

    • exactly…thats y i feel maybe this is the best option….refills r so much more economical…one can buy 2 refill sfor the prce of 1 potted blush..

    • which shades did u get jyo? can u review them or gimme an idea? i wanted t put together a lip palette for a friend but have ever used them ever so wanted some advice on it…

      • will do soon Zee. :-* bt u know its better to chk it on ur lips only.They look so different in swatch n on lips. 😐 n also guessing is very difficult with so many similar looking shades….will do a preview post tomorrow if possible….for you :hug-makeup:

          • ooh! i was lookin at the shades on the sight yesterday and i liked some corals too..but there were 3-4 corals that looked identical so m a bit confused…whats the finish like? matte or satin types?

        • id really luv that jyo! Thanks so much..i wana get an honest view about them and the txture n in do they sink into the lip lines, r they melty? i wan make 2 5color palettes for 2 pals to gift in Feb on their bdays and this sale is th eperfect opportunity na?

  4. Thanks for the review Zara!!U know wat!I just luked at the title of the review and was like:”Bet it is from Zara” 😛 And I am so right!! I am definitely gng to try the blushes,lippies and eyeshadows from their freedom system!Just get the refill pans at the normal prices and get a bada palette to store them 😛

  5. Hey Zara-the shade of this blush is so beautiful!! I am seeing some really lovely blush reviews now and in the end getting thoroughly confused on which one to buy 😀 :party: :party: :party:


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