Inglot Freedom System Eye Shadow D.S. 608 Review & Swatches


Inglot Freedom System Eye Shadow D.S. 608


Hey everybody,

You have seen my eyes decked in pearly festive shades and in some unusual ones as well. It was time for me to show some natural eye shadows on my eyes this time. Here is one such shade from my obvious favorite brand in makeup- Inglot.


Inglot eye shadow D.S. 608


Price: INR 350

My experience with Inglot Freedom System Eye Shadow D.S. 608 :

I always prefer picking shades from the freedom system range instead of buying single eye shadow packaging. This gives me room for trying different shades and I have access to all eye shadows in the palette at the time of application. I think it is better monetarily as well.

This shade is a natural light brown and is from the double sparkle category which means it has sparkle particles embedded in it. No, these are not the chunky sparkle particles that we hate. In fact, they are scattered really well and appear as embedded particles on application as well and no where makes it look sparkly. You can see for yourselves in the swatches.


Inglot system eye shadow D.S. 608


The shade is a warm brown, somewhere between light browns and dark browns. I picked it up thinking it would give natural look for everyday wear makeup but sadly it turned out darker for my complexion and makes my eyes appear a bit dull when worn alone. For single eye shadows all over the lid- peachy shades would be my preferred choice. For medium to dusky skin tones, it would look just natural and would make a great everyday wear eye shadow. Otherwise this shade can be used to blend in other shades or at the socket area. It can be used in the inner or outer corner as well depending on the kind of eye makeup you are creating.


Inglot freedom system eye shadow 608


The best thing about Inglot eye shadows is their satiny texture and minimal to no fallout which is true in this particular one as well. The texture is very smooth and easy to apply. You can use both your fingers and eye brushes for the application but blending with the brush at the end would definitely give the desired finish. This is a very versatile shade and I see myself using it very often; not as a single eye shadow but as a part of eye makeup looks.

The texture is otherwise matte with subtle sparkles in it. (Though I have never used the two words- subtle and sparkle together but it is true in this case)


Inglot eye shadow D.S. 608 handswatch


If you try to layer it on so much, it could look patchy, so keep it minimal. The staying power is around 5 hours without creasing. After that you can spot the eye shadow being creased a bit.

So, overall it is a multipurpose eye shadow that almost everybody can make use of either as an everyday all over lid eye shadow or as a part of different eye makeup looks.


Inglot eye shadow D.S. 608 eyeswatch


What I like about Inglot Freedom System Eye Shadow D.S. 608 :

  • Decent neutral brown eye shadow.
  • Very versatile shade.
  • Matte texture with sparkles embedded in it.
  • Can be used in combination with other shades in both day and night time.
  • Decent staying power.
  • Would be just the apt everyday wear eye shadow for medium to dusky complexions.
  • Minimal to no fallout.
  • Paraben free.
  • Decent pricing.

What I do not like about Inglot Freedom System Eye Shadow D.S. 608:

  • It makes my eyes appear dull when used as on all over lid eye shadow.
  • You have to buy the empty palette for storage.

Rating: 4/5

Until next time, take care!

Have you tried Inglot Freedom System Eye Shadow D.S. 608?

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