Inglot Freedom System Round Lipstick 49 Review & Swatches


Inglot Freedom Lipstick Shade 49 

If you are looking for a saucy and bold statement then trying out Inglot freedom system lipstick shade 49 won’t be a bad idea this week.With enough coverage and pigmentation it stands out without making one look too loud.

It’s creamy , moistursing , long staying and cost INR 250 for 1.2gm .


Inglot round lipstick 49, 59,69+Inglot freedom system lipstick 49 reviews

Comes in a round steal refill pan and requires a lip brush.


Inglot freedom round lipstick 49 review and swatches+Inglot freedom lipstick 49 +Inglot lipstick reviews


I have swiped it once here .Shade looks glossy in the swatch but comes out little more matte on my lips.Shade a dark red base with a  dash of burgundy and fuchsia but on my pigmented lips the red colour is more prominent.Not a kind of shade which I would like to wear it too often as it’s just too loud for me.


Inglot free dom lipstick 49 swatches a beautiful red+Inglot round lipstick shade 49, 50, 51 swatches



Inglot round lipstick 49 swatches+Inglot lipstick reviews


This is how it looks on me.Staying power of the shade is six hours easily and after a meal the tint stays for long long time.

This is how it looks on my lips in various light.

Inglot freedom lipstick shade 49, 43, 58 on my lips


Will I recommend it to others -It’s not my personnel favourite and I would prefer shade 64 and shade 27 over this.


Wise She Rating :-

  • Pigmentation – 5/5
  • Price Vs Quality – 5/5
  • Color – 3/5


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  1. u wont believe i was just luking a inglot swtches for d 5 pallete :dance-left-right: its luking gorgeous on u ana :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

  2. the color is very pretty Ana and the shade does not look completely red in the swatch but a mix of pink/maroon..goh it difficult to explain 🙁 btw m looking for a good red matte lippie not too bright but something which can be worn during daytime without attracting too much attention..whcih one would you recommend?

  3. u won’t beleive Preetha was checking out this shade ystdy only @the store. Skipped at the last moment coz of time 😀 Now m sure she will pick it. 😛

  4. I liked this shade so much this is my kind of red 🙂
    do u need to have palette definitely to carry these or can u just buy these w/o palette

  5. Ok i know i’m being blasphemous but why did you go on a spree buying all REDS ?? or am i coulour blind…i see al of them the same???!!!


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