Inglot Kohl Pencil 01 Review & Swatches


Inglot Kohl Pencil 01


Kajal/Kohl is a substance used primarily by women to define their eyes, making them look stunning and attractive. Like I mentioned in one of my previous posts, it is one product which is always a part of my makeup regime. I recently exhausted the kajal I was using and had to re purchase it. I wanted to try something new, something different. When I was on the lookout for a good product my friend suggested that I give ‘Inglot Kohl Pencil 01’ a try.


Inglot Kohl Pencil 01


I have swatched a few lip colors in Inglot before, but never had a chance to purchase anything from there before. I was a little skeptical because it was a pencil type kohl (hate sharpening), but decided to give it a try. And trust me, it was not a bad decision.

About Inglot Kohl Pencil 01:

Highly pigmented, long lasting, water resistant black eyeliner.

Contains active ingredients to moisturize and regenerate skin, perfect for the waterline.

Price: Rs.650 for 1.2gms


Inglot 01 Kohl Pencil


Ingredients: Dimethicone, iron oxide, synthetic wax, polybutene, beeswax, margarita powder, ethylhexylpalmitate, mica, carmine, silica, dimethicone cross polymer, ceramide 3. Free of parabens.

My take on Inglot Kohl Pencil 01:

Like I mentioned before it comes in the form of a pencil with black matte like skin. It is not twist up type, but the sharpening type kohl. No, it does not come accompanied with a sharpener. The packaging is fairly attractive, but a little clichéd (black kohl, black packaging).

What I was worried of initially was about the pains of sharpening, but this product does not have that issue. Any good makeup sharpener would help without any wastage of the product. Sometimes when the product is too creamy it tends to break while sharpening and also requires re sharpening after application on one eye.


Inglot Kohl Pencil Review


But in case of Inglot’s Kohl, the consistency is creamy but not too creamy hence making it last for at least more than a month with everyday usage. It feels silky on the eyes hence no tugging and does not cause irritation to the eye. The pigmentation is quiet dark but one swipe is not sufficient, at least for people like me who like it thick and dark.


Inglot Kohl 01 swatch


It stayed for almost 8 solid hours on my very oily eyelids and 4-5 hours on my waterline, after which it starts fading away. It does not give you raccoon eyes, something which I absolutely despise.


Inglot Kohl 01 EOTD


What I like about Inglot Kohl Pencil 01:

  • Neat packaging.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Does not sting or irritate the eye.
  • Great matte pigmentation.
  • Great staying power (not much on the water line though)

What I don’t like about Inglot Kohl Pencil 01:

  • Cost.
  • Wish it was a twist up pen.

Overall rating: 4/5

Final verdict: For me a successful kohl pencil is not just about great pigmentation but also about its staying power. Inglot fulfills both for me even though I wish it could stay longer in the waterline. I really like this product and I would recommend it to everyone.

Have you tried Inglot Kohl Pencil 01 ?

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  1. Interesting!! But expensive. I think the consistency would be like Krylon Gel Eye pencils which come for also 1/3rd the price.
    Inglot is very unpredictive when it comes to prices. Some stuff are dirty cheap and some very expensive.

    • It is nice maitri. But I have the maybelline long lasting drama which lasts for almost 5-6 hours on the waterline.

  2. It’s price is at par with the Lakme Eye Kohl, so I think it’s pretty cool.
    Also, 4 hours on the waterline with no raccoon eyes is no mean feat. Great review!


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