Inglot Lip Pencil / Crayon #16 Review


We have often heard our actors say ‘Oh, for my next movie I have no makeup at all. I am going all natural.’ But does that mean they will just walk in to the studio set right from their bedrooms and start shooting? I don’t think so. It’s the famous no make-up, make-up look. While they are loaded with loads of makeup yet they look one of us. What’s the use? I always wondered. Trust the stars for their tantrums…. 😛 . The irony is, its takes so much make-up to look so natural. 😛

Inglot Lip Pencil  Crayon 16 Review+lip pencils

All of us want a natural look. Make-up that doesn’t look made-up. Yet we want the right hint of color or flawlessness and extenuating of the features. Whenever I did dramatic statement eyes I wanted a perfect nude lipcolor that defines the lips well yet is not overpowering the eyes. Such a nude lipcolor had to meet a few criterions.

What I like about Inglot Lip Pencil / Crayon #16

  • Right shade for my skin.
  • No shine or glass (They don’t stay for long and is not muted)
  • Matte (Long lasting and doesn’t cry for attention)
  • Doesn’t dry lips.
  • Long lasting color.
  • Doesn’t look made-up yet defines lips well.
  • Give a nice full lips effect.

Inglot Lip Pencil  Crayon 16 Review pencil tip+lip liner

Asking for too much?? Not really I got it in Inglot Lip Pencil / Crayon #16.

Now you know what I like about the product.  Here is

What I don’t like about Inglot Lip Pencil / Crayon #16

  • Price
  • Would not mind some more moisturizing.

Inglot Lip Pencil  Crayon 16 Review hand swatch+lip pencil

Packaging – 5/5

Longitivity – 5/5

Price – INR750

Will I buy it again? Yes, I will stock before they discontinue it.

What is your idea of no make-up , make-up eyes??


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