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inglot loose powder review+translucent loose powder

  • Quantity30 gms
  • Price– Rs. 890. Availiable in 12 shades.

Like most of the products that I own and love from the brand this one is no exception.  Inglot provides affordable products that almost do justice to the word high-end.

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inglot loose powder review+best loose powder

This powder is basically the only thing I use on my face other than my B.B cream on a daily basis to give the face a finished look.  The powder is finely milled like talc and goes on super smoothly.  It gives a more natural look due to its lightweight quality when compared to a compact.  The plastic tub is nice and stylish and the quantity is amazing.  After you remove the lid you will find another plastic perforated lid over the product that allows you to remove just enough powder.  It does come with its own powder puff but I never use it cause it gets brown and then looks real yuck.  So I just keep it there for show and also if the tub is moving around in your bag whatever little powder comes out can get stuck to the puff.

You can use the loose powder over your foundation or sans foundation to set your makeup.   It is great because it can provide heavy or light coverage depending on the way you use it and the choice of applicator – Kabuki or Powder brush.

I generally shake a small amount of it in to the lid and how I do that is I don’t open it but I turn the tub upside down and tap it 3 – 4 times on the bottom (:spank: :spank:).  Powder collects in the lid and then I open it still upside down.  Don’t worry no more powder will spill out.  Keep the tub down the right side up and then dip your brush or use the powder puff into the product in the lid to dust it all over your face.

Loose powder is the last thing that goes on to your face giving you a perfect overall look.  It is mattifies – controls shine and absorbs sebum.

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inglot loose powder review+inglot productreview

APPLICATION If you like to use foundation then loose powder should be applied after it.  Get your self a powder brush , dip it into the powder and swirl. Do not like rub and smash the brush into the product and dont take tons of powder onto the brush. If you find that a lot of powder has come on tap the brush on the side of the container and shake off the excess powder. You can choose to leave the powder on the plastic perforated lid or remove the lid and put it back inside. Sweep the product over your facial contours gently.  It will set your foundation providing light and lasting coverage throughout the day.  Don’t forget to apply a powder to the neck area or your face may end up looking like it’s a different shade than your neck.

If you do not apply foundation and choose to only use a loose powder then get a kabuki brush. It will  provide fuller coverage making your skin look like you have on some foundation.  Clean it daily by tapping it on the back of your hand to remove any leftover product and then cleanse it with a normal brush cleanser.  Both the brushes should be deep cleansed regularly to avoid skin infections.

I generally use the Inglot loose powder over my B.B. Cream and the effect is lovely. Although the tub looks bulky it’s not difficult to carry around and very sturdy so you dont have to worry about it spilling or breaking.   I don’t work outside of home so I dont need too much coverage.  I have a LARGE AUDREY’S powder brush that I got from the ‘Beauty Shop’ for 180 bucks.  It serves a dual purpose – loose powder and blush. It’s very good and very soft.

I also have the retractable bodyshop blush brush but that is not so apt for applying loose powder neither blush!

Since I was doing a review on loose powder I thought I would also share with you the differences between a ‘Kabuki’ and a ‘Powder Brush’.  The name ‘KABUKI’ comes from a style of Japanese theatre defined by actors who wear heavy, stylized makeup.  It’s not necessary to have both and the choice of either brush is finally going to be based on what type of coverage you are looking and the kind of products you use.



Has a short flat head and a short stem

A kabuki brush is much more compact and dense

Buffing / Blending brush

Gives fuller/concentrated coverage

Ideal for when you want to just use loose powder on bare skin.

Available with animal and synthetic hair

Easy to carry and store



Long stem and larger head

Hair is more loosely bound together and is therefore fluffier

Multipurpose brush – powder/blush

Gives lighter coverage

Ideal for when you want to sweep some powder onto your face to just set your liquid foundation.

Available with animal and synthetic hair

Make be troublesome cause of the handle


inglot loose powder review+best brush for loose powder

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Some Tips For Inglot Loose Powder:-


  •  Moisturize your face before you apply makeup for better absorption.
  • Dry skin should  try a loose powder that hydrates and Oily skin should try loose powders that mattify.
  •  Match your skin type and complexion very carefully when purchasing loose or compact powder.
  • Prevent bacteria build up by cleaning your brushes every week if u use it daily or else every 2 weeks.
  •  Avoid brushes with synthetic hair if you have sensitive skin.
  •  Apply loose powder before you apply your eye shadow.
  •  Powder with shimmer or glitter highlights large pores and wrinkles.
  •  When buying powder consider the following – Decide where, when and how you will use the powder. Will it be kept at home or in your purse? If convenience and portability are priorities, then choose a pressed powder compact over loose powder. Pressed powder differs only because it is pressed together and packed tight to keep powder from crumbling.




  • Great quality
  •  Affordable
  • 12 shades to choose from
  • My favorite – Not tested on animals.
  • Paraben Free.
  •  Good quantity
  • Does’nt clog pores
  • Nice classy tub
  • Available online –



  • Not every state in India has an INGLOT store.
  •  Access to online shopping is the only next option.

 Rating 4.5/5



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      • That’s true in a way.. Say for example lipsticks, even if you check 3-4 different swatches it will still end up looking different on you.. But for other products like shampoos or face packs or brushes – it works fine. 🙂

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  3. aaah sounds so promising
    i just started using the Lakme loose powder
    it has nly 2 shades but luckily one shade matches my skin tone so well
    loving using loose powders

  4. I have TBS Loose powder which is good, but the quantity is huge and I am so bored of it :(. khatam hi nahi hota 🙁

  5. “Do not like rub and smash the brush into the product and dont take tons of powder onto the brush” :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:


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