Inglot Sleeks VLC Lipgloss 71:Review & Swatches


Inglot Cosmetics – Inglot Sleek VLCC Lipgloss 71 

Hi All,

The minute I saw this gloss on the SAMB site I knew I had to have it! I won’t sprout and fake claims of having done research or any such thing…Bcoz I didn’t…I just took one look at the test tube like packaging and just jumped right in 🙂 Was it a good buy or am I sorry for having been so impulsive? Lets see…


Inglot VLC lipgloss 71 review + inglot


About Inglot Sleeks VLCC Lip Gloss 71:-

Volumizing formula with biomimetric peptide stimulates collagen synthesis. Excellent smoothing, moisturising and repair properties + 3D effect. PARABEN FREE FORMULA. NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS

  • Size: 6ml
  • Price: INR560

Inglot VLC lipgloss 71 review + inglot cosmetics


  • Packaging: As mentioned before, this gloss comes in a clear test-tube shaped tube with the shade number printed on the front itself. It has a doe foot applicator and the handle of the applicator isn’t the usually long type. Infact, it looks exactly like the screw top lids they use in labs. I love the clear packaging since it allows me to grab it at a glance.

Inglot VLC lipgloss 71 review + inglot lip

  • Color: This shade is a gorgeous Peachy pink shade with very sparse and minute shimmer. This shimmer is hardly visible in fact but does make the lips look bright and perkier. I love using this shade over the Inglot Lip refill in No.26 since they match perfectly!
  • Coverage & Pigmentation: On its own, the gloss provide only sheer coverage is isn’t too pigmented; but when used to top off a lipstick it works brilliantly to cover up any pigmentation on the lips 🙂

Inglot VLC lipgloss 71 review + inglot lipgloss

  • Texture: This is the only thing I have a grudge against…This is a very sticky formula 🙁 When I use this, I have to consciously not even rub my lips together coz I hate that sticky feel to it. Its because of this texture that it comes off as a bit streaky. If you look at the lip swatch, then you would be able to see that it tends to be a bit streaky at the sides.
  • Staying Power: This stays for a long long time..about 5hrs (yes…5hrs) without eating ofcourse…I think this is because its so sticky…And yet the fab part is that it still doesn’t settle into my lip lines…Cool na?

Inglot VLC lipgloss 71 review + inglot cosmetic


What I like about Inglot Sleeks VLC Lipgloss No.71:-

  • A very pretty peachy pink color that most of us would go for.
  • Doesn’t settle into my lip lines
  • The shimmers are barely visible and yet light up the face
  • Love the weird packaging
  • Applicator is firm and does a good job
  • Paraben free
  • Not tested on animals
  • Long lasting power
  • This color would suit almost all skin tones.

Inglot VLC lipgloss 71 review + inglot lipgloss swatch


What I don’t like about Inglot Sleeks VLC Lipgloss No.71:-


  • Some may not like this sticky formula
  • Its a bit streaky
  • Those with sensi noses may not prefer this.



  • Pigmentation: 4/5
  • Packaging: 5/5
  • Staying Power: 5/5
  • Availability: 4.5/5
  • Price vs. Value: 4/5


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  1. Oh ghosh! I love this shade.. I am not a lipgloss person.. coz i have big lips..but this is such a classy shade! :lipstick: :-*

  2. *bangs head*
    I am a sucker for these milky pinky glosses. Between Inglot and Wise she I will be broke!! I am outta here!
    PS Thank God for that smell. Will keep me from buying it 😉

  3. I dint like this one..its too light and frosty..I would look like I caught some disease…wonder how you make even such dull colors look so good on your lips…:)

  4. the color is gawjus! my lips just look bigger when i apply gloss 😐 and i already have lips which look as if it has been bitten by a bee or something! :weep:

  5. lovely tube!!! i alwaz loved test tubes in my school chemistry labs 😛 n i love this color too!! n yes, Ana di, Zara di u guys are tagged to post your fave pink makeup, fashion,fragrance,skin/body care products! you’l have to do it!!! 😀

  6. Pretty pink Zee, infact I think almost all color look lovely on you… what I liked the most is the packaging, it reminds me of school days test tubes… hain na ?


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