Ininsfree Jeju Hallabong Handcream Review


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jeju hallabong cream by ininsfree


Spring Season is round the corner hence my skin is getting dry day by day. Hand creams are must have for everyone to keep skin soft and supple for long time unless you are someone who are okay with applying moisturiser only on your hands :D. Today I am here to share my experience from currently loving  product- Ininsfree Ininsfree Jeju Hallabong Handcream.


Product Info :-

Jeju hallabong hand cream 30ml

A hand cream featuring the refreshing scent of Hallabong tangerines

USD $ 4.50
INR 300
What it is

Deep moisturizing with the refreshing scent of Jeju Hallabong tangerines

1. Enjoy the refreshing citrus scent.
2. This hand cream immediately melts into your skin for long-lasting moisturize.

How to use

After washing your hands, squeeze some cream into your hand and massage it into your hands.

ininsfree jeju hallabong handcream

Ingredient :- You can it here

 My Experience with Ininsfree Jeju Hallabong Hand Cream :-

I always fall for thick moisturizers in spring- winter season. I was more into body lotions in my college days but when I got my hands onto hand cream since there is no looking back. I am a big fan of natural products and It’s been a great experience with FabIndia hand cream so far.

I have got this hand cream along with Ininsfree mail.The packaging is very girly and nature’s inspired graphics.

The packaging is sturdy and eye catching. The cap is great to work with and the cream doesn’t accumulate at the top of the opening.The cream is white in color and has a plant like smell. It reminds me the Biotique chlorophyll gel which has quite similar in fragrance. The formula of ths product is super creamy and glides like a dream.This hand cream has good moisturizing properties and doesn’t gives sticky feeling unlike other hand creams.


ininsfree jeju hallabong hand cream in india

It keeps my skin super hydrated for fairly long duration. The most sad part is it’s not moisturizing enough  for rough areas of body like knees and elbows. Staying power could have been better because re-application has needed in every 2-3 hours. I am not going to repurchase this again as market has loaded with tones of good hand creams which I would love to try in future.

If you like to use light moisturizer with an affordable price tag then this one is for you otherwise skip this.

ininsfree india hand cream review


What I Like About Jeju Hallabong Hand Cream:-

  • Stunning nature graphic inspired packaging
  • Easy to work with
  • Travel friendly
  • Awesome texture
  • Creamy formula
  • Good moisturizing effect
  • Keeps skin soft and hydrated for a good amount of time
  • Chlorophyll kind of smell which I like.

Hand Swatch:-

jeju hallabong cream swatch innisfree


 What I Don’t Like About Jeju Hallabong Hand Cream:-

  • Not moisturizing enough for rough areas like knee and elbow
  • Requires re- application after every 2-3 hours
  • Some may not like the fragrance
  • Not meant for extreme winters.


Product by the company but my review is honest.



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