Innisfree Capsule Recipe Rice Pack Review – Get Rid Of Tan


Innisfree Capsule Recipe Rice Pack Review – Get Rid Of Tan

Wassup pretty ladies?Winters are slowly leaving us (hopefully!) and I back with skin care that too in a “ricer” way.Well, yeah! Off late I am using a lot of face masks on my skin and I am getting some interesting results. And so when anyone raves about a product and that too a face mask, I am all  game for it. This is exactly my background story when I bought this Innisfree capsule Recipe Rice pack and tried it. And this post is about this face mask and my experiences with it. So keep on reading!

What the company claims:

This is a brightening massage sleeping pack with rice to get brighter skin.

Innisfree image 1 closed


How to use this mask:

Apply required amount at night and wash it off next morning.


150 INR


10 ml. (Imagine!)



Innisfree back image 2


This Rice face pack from Innisfree comes in a very cute tub packaging, which is locked by a seal. Once you open the seal, the product is really difficult to store which is a really big con for me. At the back, all the information is mentioned like ingredients, claims and so on. A detailed ingredient list is there which is a pro for me. The packaging doesn’t leak and is safe to travel with. It looks cute from outside because of its small size.


Innisfree open image 3

What I feel about this product?

The first thing that comes to my mind while talking about is the price point. Though the pack looks very affordable you get only 2 uses of this product which is expensive. Many people prefer rice face masks on their skin and this one looks like mashed rice when applied on the face. Rice is a great skin lightening and brightening agent and makes skin look bright and beautiful, removing all the dullness and darkness. Though the instructions claim to be a sleeping mask, I feel this can be a great regular mask too. When I apply this mask onto my skin, after 30 minutes or so, it gets fully absorbed. This is one thing that I really like about this mask. As it is a sleeping mask, it helps to nourish and revitalise skin. Moreover, it gives a very relaxing effect on the skin, which really attracts me. This product helps to lighten skin tone a bit and clears off light tan which we feel after a sunbath or something. For me, if you ignore the price point, this mask is really good one!


  • Contains rice that is a great skin lightening agent
  • Cute packaging
  • Removes tan
  • Gets absorbed into the skin
  • Nourished and relaxes skin tissues.
  • Takes away the dryness leaving skin soft and nourished.


  • Expensive
  • Once opened its little difficult to store it.
  • Will last for two uses.

Innisfree face image 4


I will recommend this face pack only if you want to spend some moolah on a rice face pack.

Overall, this face pack is really a good one with all the benefits in it. It is a bit costly but I am sure, you won’t mind if you love skin care.


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